Saturday, August 10, 2019

Answering Questions - Life Update

Dear Friends

    I am going to be taking Pumpkin Hallow Farms to my LNS which is House Of Stitches and I am going to have them frame this for me. 

    I always have them put the Glass in as well too.  I will probably get like a dark frame of some sort so the colors will pop out. 

This past week I lost a cousin of mine whom I was real close to.  Her and I spent our childhood growing up years together at her house and we all played together.  Her and her sister work at my Church for a long time in the Day Care.  I have lost so many of my cousins that I was real close to over the years. 

Than my Neighbor Lady - My Girlfriend's Mom who I consider as my Sister - Her Mom - My Neighbor Lady - had a Mild Heart Attack last Friday and she ended up in the hospital and she just got home about two days ago.  We have known each other all of our lives and she lives cati corner from me and I have spent many days and hours at her house.  I usually go on Friday Nights to her house plus another neighbor lady goes and visits her as well too.  What we do is that we go to McDonalds which is just up the street from our houses - than we go back to my Neighbor's house - sit on her Front Porch and we sit there - eat our McDonalds Food - and visit.  She has a Open Front Porch and it is so nice to sit there, eat, visit, and watch the traffic on the main highway and the streets.  I love going to her house to visit with her when it is nice out and sit on her front porch.  She is doing better but she is awfully tired. 

I have ordered two Charts from Heaven and Earth Designs

One is called Baby Elephant Pool and the Chart just came on Thursday.  Than today I ordered another Chart called The Amazing Animal Kingdom.  I am in love with this Chart and I cannot wait til I get it.  I am gradually getting my charts ordered from my Wish List which is on their Website.  I try to order one Chart per month unless there is a Sale than I order two Charts. 

The Book that I am Currently Reading is called "Books, Cooks, and Crooks by Lucy Arlington.  This is the Third Book in her A Novel Idea Mystery Series.  There are 5 Books total in this Series.  I have read the first two books in this series.  I am Reading the third one and I have the fourth one on my Kindle Tablet Fire. I will buy the Kindle Version of the 5th Book pretty soon.  I have been reading my Books on my Kindle.  It is easier to read the Books on my Kindle and I buy the Kindle Version of the Books.  Now Granted - I have books on my own Bookshelves to read but I am gradually getting them read too.  I read one of my own books and I read a Kindle Book.  I am finishing up this series - A Novel Idea Mystery Series - and than I will just pick one of my books that I have on my Kindle to read. 

I won A ARC through Goodreads as a Free Book.  This is my second ARC that I have won through Goodreads.  ARC stands for Advanced Reading Copy.  The name of the Book that I won is called "The Harp Of Kings" by Juliet Marillier.  This Book does not come out until September 2019.  This book looks so good and I am going to start reading this very soon. 

My Lil Buttercup - My Kitty Kat - is now 2 years old.  He is in his terrible two's...LOL.  I love him to death though.  He is my Baby.  He is not spoiled at all.  Haha! 

Well I think that will be all for now....

Thanks for all of the Comments.  I appreciate them so very much.

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

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