Sunday, August 26, 2018

Been Stitching

Hi Everyone

   I have been stitching on my different projects.  I stitch on the one that I am in the mood for.  I will be posting pictures soon. 

     It has been very Hot and very Muggy where I live at.  I stay in the house most of the time when it is 100 Degrees F.  outside in my nice Air Conditioned House.  This weather is so hard on me physically.  It also bothers my Eyes really bad too. 

I love to go out walking but not in this Hot Muggy 100 Degrees F Weather.  I will be so glad when it is Fall Time and hopefully the weather will be much cooler.  I love cooler weather and actually I will take the Cold Weather over the Hot weather any day.  Its so much easier on me Physically. 

The Book that I am currently reading is called "The Blue Castle" by L. M. Montgomery.  I dearly love this book.  It is so good.  It is like a old fashion type family story and I love these type of books.  I am slowly buying all of the Little House On The Prairie Books and Nancy Drew Mystery Series as well.  I can only buy like one or two books per month and that is about it.  I only buy what I want to keep.  After I get all of the Little House On The Prairie Books than I am going to start buying Miss Read Books of the ones that I don't have yet. 

My IT guy came - my older brother - and he got my Printer to work was not printing right so now its working really well thanks to him.  I am so glad that he got it to work. 

I got Mediacom Cable - I was getting tired of only watching three shows per week so I went for it and I got Mediacom Cable.  I love Mediacom...they have been so good to me.  I can't complain about them at all. 

Not much else is going on.  I just wanted to update on what is going on in my life. 

God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Good Morning

Good Morning my Dear Friends

Where I live at - it is Morning and it is 6:21 a.m. in the morning that I am writing this.  I am drinking my Coffee and doing my brother's laundry for him. 

Today is my Uncle's 90th Birthday Party but I am not going.  I don't know where he lives at and I do not want to make the wrong turn and my two brother's won't take me.  In fact my one brother is not going and he does not have no Legit reason not to go.  He just doesn't want to so I am staying home today.  Neither one of my brothers can give me a Legit Reason why they won't pick me up. 

I have not felt good for the last several months.  I think I got Bronchitis again and I do not like my doctor that I have.  I asked her to give me a Physical the last time I went and it was written on my Chart.  She didn't do nothing but sit and talk to me and it cost me $70.00 out of my own pocket to go to my doctor and just sit and talk...did not check my lungs, heart, or nothing. I am on the Verge of finding me a new Doctor to go to.  I am going to give my Doctor one more try and see what happens...if she does not help me or give me what I need...than I will brush her off right out the door.  I am not real happy with me having to pay $70.00 just to sit and talk. 

I am reading "Night School" by Lee Child.  I love his Jack Reacher Series.  It is so good. 

I have not done much stitching lately due to not feeling good and coughing all of the time.  I either sleep or I read when I don't feel good. 

Not much else is going on. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Good Afternoon

Dear Friends

   I had a very boring 4th of July - did not get invited anywhere for a cookout or anything like that.  Plus it was very extremely Hot outside.  It was just me and Buttercup.  I had Hot Dogs and Chips and my Cherry Coke for the Holiday Weekend. 

   My Allergies have been really bad this summer.  I was put on a Allergy Pill to help with my Coughing and that made it worse so I quit taking my Allergy Pill.  I went to CVS and I bought Halls Cough Drops and they have been really helping me a great deal.  I have not hardly cough at all since I quit taking my Allergy Pill. 

I have been reading more than stitching which is okay with me because I read more during the Summer Months than the rest of the year.  I still read but not as much.  I am currently reading Four Books and they are:

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Q is for Quarry by Sue Grafton - I have read A - P so far this year. 

Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

The Cruel Ever After by Ellen Hart

Sense & Sensibility is on my Kindle

Q is for Quarry is on my Kindle

The Other two books are Hard Back Books and all of these are mine. 

I like to read a Variety of Books at one time and I love reading more than just one book at a time too. 

I have not been Stitching much lately because I have been having Muscle Spasms in my left Shoulder Blade area and I have had this problem since I was born and if I do certain things than it will aggravate my left shoulder blade area and it hurts - aches - and I am in pain.  I ended up in the hospital when I was 13 years old with them and I could not hardly walk at all.  That is how painful they were.  I can only stitch for a little while at a time and than I have to take a break from it and than go back to stitching for a while and than take a break from it. 

My town is mourning the loss of a 17 year old High School Student who was a very outstanding Athlete and a Very Good Student - A Outstanding Student all the way around.  He died on Thursday of last week.  He was taking his nap and that is when he died.  His whole heart was in Basketball and he loved playing Basketball.  His name is Zac Mago.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.  Everybody in my town and the town that he lived in just loved him.  He was a very sweet young gentleman and he loved his family and friends.  His Birthday is next week. 

My lil Buttercup is now a Year Old.  I can't believe that he is a Year Old already.  He got his extra treats yesterday for his Birthday.  He was rather just a tad bit wound up last night - this morning and he was getting into all sorts of Mischief's.  I love him to death.  He is my Baby and nobody takes care of him like I do.  I refuse to leave him more than just a day.  I won't leave him any longer than that. 

Well I think that is all for now.....

Love & Prayers
God Bless
Linda K, Buttercup 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Friends

    I want to wish all of you Mother's out there a Very Happy Mother's Day today here in the U. S.  I lost my Biological Mother when I was 8 years old. Than my Step Mother passed away in March of 2012.  I really miss both of my Mother's.  Mother's Day is kinda hard on me in a way because neither one of my Mother's are alive.  

I am a Mother though to my Lil Buttercup so that makes my day more worthwhile to me.  

I will be stitching today on both of my projects - Beloved Rose Of Sharon and Daisy Offerings.  I am making great progress on both of these projects.  I am almost done with the Pink Dress on the Beloved Rose Of Sharon Project.  Once I get the Pink Dress done than the rest of it will go pretty fast because it is a quilt and a treasure chest box.  I will be so glad when I get this Pink Dress done.  Its hard to read a colored chart and it is in Pinks.  You can't hardly see the Chart Symbols.  

Happy Mother's Day to each and everyone of you!

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

National Library Week

Dear Friends

   National Library Week is this week - April 9th - 14th.  Please go and support your local Library if you haven't already.  Just think how much money our Libraries saves us when we use the Library to get our books and we don't have to buy all of those books that we have and are reading from the Library. 

   I for myself love love going to the Library - I Patronize two in my small town and another one about 10 minutes away from me in another small town.  I love them both.  The Librarians are super fantastic and they are working really hard to keep the Libraries going in the small towns where I live at and close by. I love walking into a Library and seeing all of the New Books that they get in each and every week. 

My town is getting a new Library being built and the Building itself is almost finished...I am so excited....I can't wait til June when they open up the New Library.  I will be able to walk to the New Library once it opens up.  I am never ever going to leave from the New Library...LOL...

I hope that each and everyone of you will thank the Librarians in your own Local Library for all of their hard work that they do each and every day that they are open and Patronize your local Library as well.  The Patrons of the Libraries are the ones that keeps the Libraries going.  If it wasn't for us Readers who loves to Read they may not be a Library.  Now you noticed I said "MAY". 

I check out Physical Copies of Books - mostly Hard Back Books - from March - November or December...depending on the weather.  Than I will read my own Books that I have here at home from December through the later part of February - sometimes March...depending on the weather.  I do not go to the Library during the Winter Months.  Although I could if I wanted to cause it is not that far from my house. 

I just finished reading "Open Season" by C. J. Box - This is Book #1 in his Joe Pickett Series.  I dearly love love this Book.  The Series is so very good.  I highly Recommend this Series and this Author and the Books! 

Now I am reading "M is for Malice" by Sue Grafton.  This is Book #13 in her Alphabet Mystery Series.  Its hard for me to finish reading this Series because she is no longer living.  I am struggling to finish this Series but I will finish this Series out all the way to the very last one that she wrote which was Y.  She didn't get to publish Z for Zero before she passed away.  It breaks my heart that she passed away so suddenly like.  Her daughter won't even finish the last book in Memory of Her Mom.  I wish she would but she won't and the Series will never be complete. 

Please go and support your local Library if you have one. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sad News - Death In The Family

Dear Friends

   I have some sad news to tell you:

     My Cousin Mike whom my younger brother and I are really close to has passed away.  Mike was a very special neat awesome orniery cousin of ours. 

   My younger brother and I spent alot of our childhood growing up years at their house - My Uncle Royce and Aunt Betty and their three boys at their house - and we stayed at their house for a long time due to our Dad being in the hospital at the time.  We spent many nights sitting on the floor of my cousin's Mike's bedroom - covered up with a blanket - sitting in the dark - and watching Frankenstein many nights.  We went to their house on Sunday afternoons after my Dad got out of the hospital and we ate our Sunday Afternoon Dinners there every Sunday.  My Uncle Royce who is still alive and lives in the same house as he did when we went there as a child made the best Potato Salad that you ever want to eat. 

   We have so many memories of staying with them, playing at their house, playing on the Hill, eating our Sunday Afternoon Dinner's there.  My younger brother and I played with our cousins every chance we got and we played on the Hill which was so much fun.  He has two other brothers who are just as orniery as ever. 

Yesterday was the Viewing of my cousin and I didn't get to go and today is his Memorial Service.  I can't go to his Memorial Service either. 

Our Cousin Mike was a Dentist and after he closed up his Practice he moved to Florida with his family and he started to travel to Foreign Countries as a Missionary and he practiced his Dentistry to the Poor People in the Foreign Countries.  He loved doing this.  This was his Gift from God that he dearly loved doing.  He was planning his next trip to a Foreign Country when he passed away.  He was a very special Missionary and he loved doing this.  He also loved Hiking and all of that - he was a outdoor person as well.  Him and his second wife has 4 kids - not sure their age. 

He is going to be greatly missed by all of us cousins and his immediate family as well.  He is going to be missed by all of the people that he took care of their Teeth for them here in the US and abroad. 

It has been a very rough couple of days and today is not going to be any easier due to his Memorial Service.  I cried all yesterday morning -afternoon - and last night.  Every time I think of our Cousin Mike I start crying.  Like I said my younger brother and I plus my Dad and Mom were really close to our Aunt Betty and Uncle Royce and their three Boys - Mike - Steve - and Dennis.  Mike is the one that passed away.  We spent countless hours and days and nights at their house when we was growing up. 

My younger brother got our Cousin Mike's GI Joe Set and those two played together every chance they got on the Hill with the GI Joe Set. 

Mike's Birthday is on the same day as mine is and we are 6 years apart...Mike is older than me.  I am not sure but I think he Died unexpectedly.  There was nothing wrong with me.  He was a very healthy person. 

May you Rest In Peace Cousin will be greatly missed by Everyone!  Love You Cousin Mike.  We will miss you!  Thanks for being a very orniery wonderful super fantastic special awesome cousin.  We Love You Cousin Mike! 

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Buttercup

Monday, February 26, 2018

Amish Mystery Series

Dear Friends

   A friend of mine was telling me about a Amish Mystery Series based on the real town of Sugar Creek Ohio.  There are 25 Books in this Series and they are written by different Authors.  These are from Guidepost Website.  You can buy them if your Library does not have them.  You cannot hardly get these from Amazon. 

Here are the Books in Order

#1.  Blessing In Disguise by Nancy Mehl

#2.  Where Hope Dwells by Elizabeth Ludwig

#3.  The Buggy Before The Horse by Tricia Goyer

#4.  A Season Of Secrets by Elizabeth Adams

#5.  O Little Town Of Sugar Creek by Amy Lillard

#6.  Off The Beaten Path by Annalisa Daughety

#7.  Peace Like A River by Olivia Newport

#8.  Simply Vanished by Nancy Mehl

#9.  A Stitch In Time by Elizabeth Ludwig

#10.  Mason Jar Mayhem by Tricia Goyer & Cara Putman

#11.  When There's A Will by Elizabeth Adams

#12.  Shoo, Fly, Shoo by Amy Lillard

#13.  Earthly Treasures by Annalisa Daughety

#14.  No Time For Trouble by Olivia Newport

#15  All Buzz At The Honey Bee by Nancy Mehl

#16.  Home Sweet Sugarcreek by Elizabeth Ludwig

#17.  Blessed Are The Cheese Makers by Tricia Goyer

#18.  Stranger Things Have Happened by Amy Lillard

#19.  In A Jam by Elizabeth Adams

#20.  A Play On Words by Emily Thomas

#21  Digging Up Doubts by Olivia Newport

#22  Horse Sense and Sensibility by Nancy Mehl

#23  A Tempting Taste Of Mystery by Elizabeth Ludwig

#24.  To Have and To Hold by Tricia Goyer & Cara Putman

#25  In The Fullness Of Time by:

                  Elizabeth Adams
                  Elizabeth Ludwig
                  Nancy Mehl
                   Tricia Goyer
                  Cara Putman

I love Guidepost and I love Amish Stories.  They are the best.  My Local Library has all 25 books in this Series which I am so very thankful that they have these books. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup