Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Three Small Elementary School Children gets killed

Dear Friends

A very horrific tragedy happened yesterday morning one hour away from where I live.  Three small Elementary School Children from one family was walking to their Bus to get on their Bus and they were killed instantly by a 24 year old female driver of a Pick Up Truck.  It was a set of twin boys and their sister all from the same family.  A 4th Child was air lifted to a hospital three hours away and he is from a different family.  He suffered multiple broken bones. 

My whole State was just in shock and nobody had any words for this tragedy.  One family lost all three of their children by a idiot driver who did not obey the Bus Signals.  The Bus Driver even blew his horn - she did not stop at all - just kept right on going right through the Stop Arm of the Bus when it was out.  The Bus Driver did everything right...he had the Stop Arm out - he had his red lights flashing - he blew his horn - he did everything but yet this idiot driver did not stop.  This idiot driver is in the County Jail.  She is facing three Homicide Charges plus disregarding the Bus Signals.  I hope she gets the Death Penalty as much as I hate to say that.  She does not deserve to live. 

We are all praying for the two families - all of the Bus Drivers - The School District that this happen in - and all of the Police Officers that had to go to this tragic horror Scene.  The Father of the three children that were killed had to Identify his own children to the Police. 

I just can't fathom what these Parents are going through right now.  It is a very sad tragedy and none of us is ever going to forget this as long as we live.  Even the Police said that they have never ever had to deal with something as horrific as this was. 

One Family who lost all three of their Children who won't be celebrating Halloween or any other special Holidays of Events.  This family will never ever be the same ever again.  They lost their children due to wreckless driving and not obeying the Bus Signals. 

How can anybody do this I will never know and neither will anyone else. 

Please keep these families - the school district - all of the Police Officers - Paramedics - Med Flight - the doctors who is trying to save this little boy's life.  He may never walk again. 

Thank you for your Prayers and Thoughts

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

Thursday, October 25, 2018

What I Finished Reading and Currently Reading

Dear Friends

What I have Finished Reading which I read the Book in one Day and it is called "Wishtree" by Katherine Applegate. 

Oh my gosh I am in love with this book.  It is so good.  It is about a group of animals who saves "Their Tree" from being cut down.  The animal names are so cute and so adorable.  Some parts of it is funny. 

I love Katherine Applegate Books....she is a beautiful Middle Grade Author and she does a super fantastic job in writing.  I have read several other books of hers as well in the past. 

I got this book from my Local Library.  I ordered this book from Amazon cause it is a Must Have Book for my Library.  I love Middle Grade Books. 

I am still reading "W is for Wasted" by Sue Grafton.  I am reading this on my Kindle since it is a thick book and the print is not all that big.  I am on Chapter 14 out of 41 Chapters.  I still have quite a ways to go on this yet.  I am taking my time in reading this book. 

It looks like its going to Rain today but they have been saying this for quite a while everyday this week and today is Thursday and so far it has not rained. 

I have not stitch or anything cause I am trying to read as many Library Books as I can right now cause once Winter Weather gets here I won't be going out much at all and than I will be reading my Own Books on my shelves and it will give me a chance to stitch, quilt, crochet this winter. 

I will be going to my local library today to return the Library book that I read which I just told you about and I will be getting another book or two from the Middle Grade Section which I dearly love. I have been reading my books in one day or in two days...that is how long it takes me to read my Library Books. 

I have Read 175 Library Books since I have started keeping tract on Goodreads.  This Next New Year (2019) I am going to keep track of how many Library Books I have read next year and it will be called 2019 Library Books Read on my Goodreads.

When it comes to Thick Books that I want to read like "The Clockmaker's Daughter" by Kate Aitkinson I will buy that book from Amazon as a Kindle and read it on my Kindle.  My hands cannot take holding big thick books so I read them on my Kindle.  Or if I want to read a older book that has that small fine black print in it I will also buy that book and read it on my Kindle from Amazon. 

I have bought two Physical Books this month and probably about three Kindle Books all from Amazon.  I buy them.  There are certain books that I want to keep in Physical Format regardless of Paper Back or Hard Back - that part does not matter to me at all and mostly it is all Middle Grade Books that I buy. 

 I am still buying Nancy Drew Mystery Series by Carolyn Keene one or two per month from Amazon.  I want to buy them all. Amazon has all of her Books.  They were popular when I was a young girl but I never heard of them or knew they existed until I got older. 

Well I think that is all for now.....

Have A Lovely Day

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thank You To My New Followers

Dear Friends

   I want to Thank my New Followers who have started to Follow my Blog.  Thank you so very much.  I really appreciate each and everyone of you and for all of your lovely comments.  

   Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.  Love you all.  

God Bless You 
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Block And Off Set Shell Stitch Afghan Photos

Crochet Afghan that I am making called Block And Off Set Shell Stitch - Row #1 Complete - Picture #1 - Sunday Oct 21, 2018n Crochet Afghan that I am making - Picture #3 - Block And Off Set Shell Stitch - Row #1 Complete - Caron Yarn - Sunday Oct 21, 2018 Crochet Afghan that I am Making - Called Block And Off Set Shell Stitch - Caron Yarn - Row 1 Complete - Picture #2 - Sunday Oct 21, 2018 Crochet Afghan that I am making - Block And Off Set Shell Stitch - Caron Yarn - Row 1 Complete - Sunday Oct 21, 2018

Here is the Start of my Block And Set Shell Stitch Afghan.  Row #1 is Complete.  I have started on Row #2.  The name of the Yarn is called Caron Baby Rainbow.  I am using a Size H/8 in U.S.  I am loving this particular stitch.  It is fun and easy once you get the pattern down and than you just keep on going.  I found the Pattern on You Tube. 

Thanks for looking....enjoy.....

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

Been Stitching

Dear Friends

    Sorry I haven't been on here for a while.  Life got in the way of things and I have been super busy the last few months. 

    My Town had their Falloween Fest back in September and it was from Friday through Sunday Night so I went to that and had lots of fun.  It is a full Carnival Event with lots of Food Booths - Carnival Rides - Entertainment - and lots of other things as well.  I always go to the Big Garage Sale that they have during this and I buy some books.  This Event is held at my High School that I Graduated From.  They also have Different Dinners and Soups and Breakfasts put on by different groups of people.  It is a lot of fun and I love going to this.  I always get my Elephant Ear during the Falloween Fest. 

    I have been reading and the books that I am currently reading are:

A Long Quiche Goodbye by Avery Aames....this is Book #1 in the Cheeseshop Mystery Series.  I am reading this on my Kindle as a Kindle Book from Amazon.  The Paperback Version of this is too hard to read due to the Print. 

A Book by Its Cover by Elizabeth Adams - This is Book #6 in the Secrets Of Mary's Mystery Bookshop Series.  There are 24 Books in this Series.  I have Book #5 on Hold through my Library.  This Series is put out by Guidepost.  This Series is so good.  They have several other Series as well too that they have put out.  I just love these Series from Guidepost.  I am getting the books through the Evergreen Library System and have the Books delivered to my local Library.  They are all Hard Back Books - the pictures  on these books are so very pretty.  I love them. 

W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton.  I am almost done with this Series.  I am Reading this one on my Kindle as a Kindle Book from Amazon.  This book has 41 Chapters to it and I am on Chapter 13.  I am taking my time with this Series.  I have X and Y to read yet and than this Series will be done. 

I have been Stitching on QS Library Fairy 5 by Randal Spangler.  This is a HAED Pattern.  The Designer is Michele Sayetta.  I am making this for the New Library that is in my town now.  We have a New Library Building and it is so nice and big and very pretty.  I go and sit and read by the Fire Place. 

Last Sunday afternoon it was so nice out - sunny - cool air - the Sun was Shining - so I decided to go for a Walk.  Well Needless to say about half way from home I pulled a Muscle in my Bad Leg and it just about ended me up in the Hospital due to the Excruciating Pain.  I almost passed out - got sick to my stomach.  I managed very slowly to make it to a school where they have outside Benches so I sat for a good hour and stretched my leg out.  Than I slowly made my way back to a friend's house.  Than she gave me a ride back to my house.  I went to the doctor and I did pull a Muscle in my Bad Leg.  I have a plate and 20 Screws in my right leg from when I broke it in 2010 and the Muscle that I pulled is right next to the Hardware that is in my leg.  I am suppose to stay off of my Leg - keep a Heating Pad on it and keep my leg stretched out.  Oh the joy of pulling a Muscle while walking.  Geesh I can't even go walking without hurting myself.  I am a tad bit better but my leg is still hurting.  It will be one week from today that I did this.  I am suppose to go back to my doctor if I am not any better.  I don't heal up very fast and it takes me a while to heal up so I am going to give it another week. 

Yesterday and last night we got every weather that there is - We got Sleet - We Got Snow - We got High Winds - We got Rain and very Cold Temps.  I have not been out of the house since Friday at 11:30 a.m.  That is when I went to McDonalds Drive Thru and got my favorite Meal.  Now today we are suppose to have more Rain.  I am staying home again today.  I am not going to go to Church.  I want to stay in and just take care of me and my Lil Buttercup. 

I think that is all for now....

Have a lovely Sunday

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Buttercup

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Been Stitching

Hi Everyone

   I have been stitching on my different projects.  I stitch on the one that I am in the mood for.  I will be posting pictures soon. 

     It has been very Hot and very Muggy where I live at.  I stay in the house most of the time when it is 100 Degrees F.  outside in my nice Air Conditioned House.  This weather is so hard on me physically.  It also bothers my Eyes really bad too. 

I love to go out walking but not in this Hot Muggy 100 Degrees F Weather.  I will be so glad when it is Fall Time and hopefully the weather will be much cooler.  I love cooler weather and actually I will take the Cold Weather over the Hot weather any day.  Its so much easier on me Physically. 

The Book that I am currently reading is called "The Blue Castle" by L. M. Montgomery.  I dearly love this book.  It is so good.  It is like a old fashion type family story and I love these type of books.  I am slowly buying all of the Little House On The Prairie Books and Nancy Drew Mystery Series as well.  I can only buy like one or two books per month and that is about it.  I only buy what I want to keep.  After I get all of the Little House On The Prairie Books than I am going to start buying Miss Read Books of the ones that I don't have yet. 

My IT guy came - my older brother - and he got my Printer to work was not printing right so now its working really well thanks to him.  I am so glad that he got it to work. 

I got Mediacom Cable - I was getting tired of only watching three shows per week so I went for it and I got Mediacom Cable.  I love Mediacom...they have been so good to me.  I can't complain about them at all. 

Not much else is going on.  I just wanted to update on what is going on in my life. 

God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Good Morning

Good Morning my Dear Friends

Where I live at - it is Morning and it is 6:21 a.m. in the morning that I am writing this.  I am drinking my Coffee and doing my brother's laundry for him. 

Today is my Uncle's 90th Birthday Party but I am not going.  I don't know where he lives at and I do not want to make the wrong turn and my two brother's won't take me.  In fact my one brother is not going and he does not have no Legit reason not to go.  He just doesn't want to so I am staying home today.  Neither one of my brothers can give me a Legit Reason why they won't pick me up. 

I have not felt good for the last several months.  I think I got Bronchitis again and I do not like my doctor that I have.  I asked her to give me a Physical the last time I went and it was written on my Chart.  She didn't do nothing but sit and talk to me and it cost me $70.00 out of my own pocket to go to my doctor and just sit and talk...did not check my lungs, heart, or nothing. I am on the Verge of finding me a new Doctor to go to.  I am going to give my Doctor one more try and see what happens...if she does not help me or give me what I need...than I will brush her off right out the door.  I am not real happy with me having to pay $70.00 just to sit and talk. 

I am reading "Night School" by Lee Child.  I love his Jack Reacher Series.  It is so good. 

I have not done much stitching lately due to not feeling good and coughing all of the time.  I either sleep or I read when I don't feel good. 

Not much else is going on. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup