Sunday, June 11, 2017

Very Sad News

Hello Dear Friends

    I live in a small town and the School System that is in my Small Town is Super Great.  In fact I graduated from my former High School in my small town.

The High School Band Director whom everybody just loves including his Band Students and well know him as Mr. Fort and that is what we call him.  He is a very awesome Band Director and like I said everybody in my town really likes him.  He is so great with the Kids.  He has been teaching Band at the High School since 1985.  Before that he traveled around the world performing in a Band.

Yesterday afternoon he was out mowing his yard and he lives in my small town and we have been having extreme hot weather lately and continue to do so.  While he was out mowing his yard he had a Massive Heart Attack and died.  His neighbor who I am really good friends with as well she went over and started to give him CPR but he didn't make it.  The Paramedics was right there within 2 seconds and he still didn't make it.  He was in his early 60's.  He leaves behind his Wife, two daughters and a Son.

My Community - my Town - The High School Faculty, All of the Band Members - Present and Former Band Students of his - we all are very shock by his Death.  He was a very tall man and Skinny.  He was a very awesome person all the way around.

I had his two daughters in Day Care when I was working at the Day Care.  We became good friends through the Day Care.  He also had my one nephew and my one niece - Brother & Sister - as Band Students too so he knew my brother since they were in his Band and he knew me from Day Care when I had his two daughters in my Day Care Class.  His Daughters and Son are all grown up now and I think one might be married but not sure on this though.

He was just out on the high school field Thursday Night practicing with the Band Kids.

The Band always march in the 4th of July Parade in my Small Town but due to his death I don't know if they will or not since it is so close to the 4th and since he has passed away.  The Band always marched in front of my house every time there was a Parade in my town.

My Town - My High School - is never going to be the same ever again.  They will not be able to find another Band Teacher like Mr. Fort as we all call him that.  He always had a smile on his face and he always talked to everybody that he came into contact with.  In fact one of this former Band Students is now a Band Teacher at a Huge High School in a different state.  He was a very friendly Band Director Teacher.

We are all so very shock and we are all just devastated over Mr. Fort's Death.

Prayers for my High School - Prayers for my Small Town - Prayers for Mr. Fort's Family - Prayers for all of his Band Students Former and Present.

Thank you

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Boy is it ever Hot Outside

Hello Dear Friends

My area is getting extremely Hot Weather starting today through all of next week so I have been doing lots of reading over the weekend.  No Stitching cause it is just way too hot to be Stitching.  I have one small Window A/C in my bedroom and that is it.  I have my Ceiling Fans going in every room as well.

I have finished:

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella - read this on my Kindle and I love this book.  It is so hilarious

Mystery House by Jean Booker...this book is like a Nancy Drew Mystery Story.  I was laughing out loud when I was reading the last few chapters.  It is so funny.  This Book is really good too.

Saga by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples - This is a Graphic Novel which is #1 in the Saga Series.  I loved the Graphics in this Novel but I did not care for the Story at all.  It uses too much foul language in it.  I won't be finishing the rest of the Graphic Novels in this Series.

Death At WentWater Court by Carola Dunn.  This is Book #1 in A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery Series.  I am not sure how many books are in this series but I love this Book.  I have Book #2 requested from my local library.

My Book that I am Currently Reading is called "The Murder Of A Queen Bee" by Meera Lester.  This is Book #2 in the Henny Penny Farmette Mystery.  Book #1 is called "A Beeline To Murder".I am really enjoying this book.  I can't hardly put this one down.  I got this Book from my County Library.  I want to read Book #1 too sometime soon.

I am going to be spending most of my time Reading this weekend and all of next week until the weather cools down.  I stay inside cause my Lungs cannot take the extreme hot weather.

Not much else is going on right now...just been reading alot.

Thanks to all of my new Followers...I really appreciate all of you and thanks so much for all of your beautiful comments.

Have a very wonderful week and weekend and for those of us who are suffering from this Heat Wave I hope that you can stay nice and cool.

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

Friday, June 2, 2017

Progress on Spring In The Garden - Other News

Spring In The Garden - Leisure Arts - Designer is Donna Vermillion Giampa - Thursday June 1, 2017

Spring In The Garden

Leisure Arts

Designer is Donna Vermillion Giampa

I am stitching this on 28 Count Ice Blue Lugana Fabric 2 x 2 Full Cross Stitch.  I love this Pattern - it is so very pretty and so delicate looking.  I stitch on this every day.  This one is for me after I get it finished.  I am going to hang this one in my Living Room.  

It is just beautiful out today...I am loving this weather that my area is having.  Its been nice all week long in fact.  

My Brother has moved out so I have the whole house to myself and I love it.  Now I have a Library Room and I now have a Sewing - Craft Room and its a good size Rooms.  I mostly stitch though in my Living Room cause that is where I have my TV and my Books and my Comfty Chair.  I read, stitch, and crochet in the Living Room.  I also have a office now too that is all of my own.  My Bedroom is just my Bedroom now as well too.  I prefer to live by myself cause I need my peace and quiet and I can leave things as they are without having to put them away and I can use every room in my house which is 12 rooms altogether.  I don't use the Basement though because it is the old fashion cellar type door that lifts up and the basement is not very big so I don't even go down in the basement anymore.  I use to but not anymore.  

I went to my local library the other day and I checked out three books from the Library.  The Series is called "The Land Of Elyon" by Patrick Carman.  I am almost done with Book #1 which is called The Dark Hills Divide.  Here are all of the Books in this Series:

1.  The Dark Hills Divide

2.  Beyond The Valley Of Thorns

3.  The Tenth City

4.  Stargazer

5.  Into The Mist

The Books are in order to be read.  I dearly love this Series.  It is a Middle Grade Series and it is similar to HP Books.  I love reading Middle Grade Books.  They are clean - non violent - and etc.  They are easier to read.  

I love going to my Local Library and getting my Books from the Library.  My town is getting a brand new Library Built.  They are going to start building in September of this year and than it will be finished sometime next year in 2018.  I am so very excited and I can't wait.  I will be able to walk to the Library unless I get like 1000 books than I will drive to it...well maybe not that many but almost though.  The New Library is going to be really nice and I love the Design of it and the lay out of it.  

My Library is in the process of getting all of the Books switched over to the Evergreen Library System.  The Librarian is still working on the Children's Section and than she will get the Adult Books switched over than.  Everygreen Library System is for small Libraries that do not belong to the County Library System and its a way of us Patrons to get our books if our Library does not have them on their shelves.  The Evergreen Library System right now in my State has over 100 Libraries that belongs to the Evergreen Library System.  It is a super fantastic Library System and I love it.  Its also Online as well too and you can keep your books for three weeks at a time with two renewals and you can check out up to 100 Books at one time.  

I love spending time at my local Library...and seeing all of the New Books and the Books that are on their shelves.  Sometimes I just like to go sit there, read, and just be there sitting among the Books.  

I will be posting now every Friday since I now have no Stress in my Life.  It was rough there for a few months but now everything is back to being normal and no stress.  I am so very thankful for that.  
Have a Beautiful Weekend - Week and whatever your hobby is I hope that you get to spend lots of time doing your favorite hobby.  

I want to thank my new Followers for Following my Blog.  Thank you so very much.  

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Parents Project Framed

Parents Framed - Copyrighted by Me - 4-28-2017

Parents - Framed 


I took "Parents" to my LNS which is House Of Stitches and I had them framed this one for me.  I dearly love how this has turn out.  My Friend is going to love this when she sees her beautiful picture that I stitched and had framed for her.  

I took a Photo that she sent me and I transfer the Photo into a Pattern.  Than I stitched the Photo - Pattern.  I did this on 14 Count Aida.  My Friend will get this during Mother's Day Weekend when I go and spend the whole weekend with her.  

Thanks for Looking....Enjoy.....

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad, Jeannie

Spring In The Garden Progress Photo

Spring In The Garden by Leisure Arts - Designer is Donna Vermillion Giampa - Friday April 28, 2017

Spring In The Garden

Designer is Donna Vermillion Giampa - Leisure Arts

Fabric - 28 Count Ice Blue Lugana - 2 x 2 Full Cross Stitch

I am really enjoying this is a fun enjoyable relaxing project to work on.  I needed something Summery in my Life to Stitch so I decided to pull this one out and start working on this beautiful project.  This one is for me.  I have had this pattern for a very long time and when I saw this in my many many stacks of patterns to do I pulled this one out immediately.  Than I went to my LNS which is House Of Stitches and I got the Fabric for this one.  I have been working on this ever since.  

Thanks for looking...enjoy.....

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad, Jeannie

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Progress Photo of Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration by Barbara Sestok - Tuesday March 28, 2017

Easter Celebration 

Designer - Barbara Sestok

28 Count Fabric - 2 x 2 Full Cross Stitch

I am getting closer in getting this one done.  It is slow going due to all of the Back Stitching that there is to do on this one but it is just beautiful.  I dearly love this one.  I will be working on this one over the weekend.  

It has been so rainy - stormy out all day today in my area.  We are suppose to get Rain the rest of this week and weekend.  I took a all afternoon nap this afternoon and covered up with my Fleece Blanket.  
That is all for now....

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad, Jeannie

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Daisy Offerings Progress Photo

Daisy Offerings - Artist is Sandra Kuck - Designer is Michele Sayetta - Thursday March 16, 2017

Daisy Offerings


Artist is Sandra Kuck

Designer is Michele Sayetta

18 Count Aida - Charles Craft - 2 x 1 Full Cross Stitch

Pages One Through Seven are now completely Finished - YEAH :)  I am so happy about this progress.  YES!  

   The Top Edging - that is all Confetti Stitching every single square.  I was about ready to go nuts by the time I got this far due to all of the Confetti that I had to do but it is well worth every single Confetti Square.  

   There are 36 Pages in total for this Pattern and this pattern is no longer available.  It is out of Print.  This is a picture of a little girl in the middle of the Sky throwing Daisies down on the Earth.  I have a friend whose daughter is named Daisy so that is why I am doing this but since I have started this pattern long time ago and my friend's father passed away.  Since than his kids don't want nothing to do with me so I think I am going to just keep this one myself - get it framed - and hang it in my bedroom.  I work too hard on this to just give it away.  If my friend was still alive I would give it to him and to his wife.  

I have started on Page 8 since this Photo was taken.  It is now mostly solid stitching and very little of Confetti Stitching.  Page 9 will be exciting to stitch.  

This is my very first HAED Pattern that I have ever started and I am hoping to have this done this year sometime or maybe the first of next year.  

In case you don't know what HAED stands for it is Heaven And Earth Designs.  You can order their charts directly from them.  Right now they are having a Sale until tomorrow night.  I bought another Chart off of my Wish List called Arches Two and it is a picture of Arches with Flowers, Benches, Cat, and so forth.  I am making this one for my friend whose Side Yard looks just like the pattern.  

Have a Beautiful Sunday

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad, Jeannie