Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Beloved Rose Of Sharon is Completely Finished - Photo

Beloved Rose Of Sharon is Completely Finished - Designer - Paula Vaughan - Wednesday April 10, 2019

Beloved Rose Of Sharon 

Designer - Paula Vaughan

Start Date - August 10, 2017

Finished Date - Wednesday April 10, 2019

28 Count Ice Blue Lugana

2 x 2 Full Cross Stitch

I am so glad that I got this done.  This is my first Finished in 3 years.  This was a very difficult Pattern to Stitch Up.  It was not easy by any means at all.  It has taken me 2 years from start to finish to get this one done.  I took breaks from it between stitching the Dress and the Sewing Machine.  Than I took another break between the Sewing Machine and the Quilt.  

This one is for me.  I was stitching it for a friend of mine who wanted this after I got it done but she changed her mind and did not want it so I am keeping this one for myself.  I am either going to hang it in my Bedroom or in my Craft Room.  Probably my Craft Room.  I will take this to my LNS sometime soon and get this one Framed.  

Thanks for looking :)

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup 


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Linda! It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about stitching that LOL. I am glad your friend changed her mind. Glad you are enjoying such wonderful temps...we are in the midst of another brutal winter storm...8-10” of snow, sleet and ice, and wicked winds. ICK! ~Robin~

  2. Congrats Linda, it is gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous, Linda! Isn't it a great feeling to finish something that you've been working so hard to finish? It looks beautiful, and I'm glad you're keeping it. I love Paula Vaughn's designs.

  4. It looks great, Linda. I like PV designs even though I've not stitched one (yet).