Friday, May 10, 2019

I have been Sick

Dear Friends

   In March and In April I was sick....I got Bronchitis in March and was put on Z Pak for that.  Than I got over that somewhat.  It really never left my system.  Than I got it again in April so I was put on three rounds of Z Pak.  It took three rounds of Z Pak to get it completely out of my System.  It was awful. 

I am feeling a lot better now that way. 

I am doing PT for my Muscle Spasms in my Left Shoulder Blade area.  My Therapist massage my Left Shoulder Blade area for a good half hour.  I also ordered me a Roller Stick just for my Back.  The Roller Stick is made to use on your Backs.  I ordered it from Amazon.  They have all kinds of Roller Sticks. 

I have also been using a Heating Pad too every night and that helps quite a bit. 

My Beloved Lil Buttercup is going in for his Surgery this morning.  He is being fixed.  I am so glad of this. 

It has been rainy and chilly out this week in my area. 

My Current Reads are:

Neon Prey - Book #29 in Lucas Davenport Series - by John Sandford - Library Book from my local Library.

The Frog Princess - Tales of the Frog Princess by E. D. Baker.  This is my own Physical Paperback Book. 

Both of these books are really good. 

Take care
Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Buttercup


  1. Sorry you have been unwell, hope you feel much better now.
    Sounds like you had what I had the start of the year, I still don't feel 100%,have a good weekend hugs .

  2. So sorry you haven't been feeling well and hope you get better soon!

  3. Sorry to read that you have not been well.... Hope you are the mend for good now....and also hope Buttercup’s surgery went smoothly and there’s speedy healing.... ~Robin~