Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Friends

    I want to wish all of you Mother's out there a Very Happy Mother's Day today here in the U. S.  I lost my Biological Mother when I was 8 years old. Than my Step Mother passed away in March of 2012.  I really miss both of my Mother's.  Mother's Day is kinda hard on me in a way because neither one of my Mother's are alive.  

I am a Mother though to my Lil Buttercup so that makes my day more worthwhile to me.  

I will be stitching today on both of my projects - Beloved Rose Of Sharon and Daisy Offerings.  I am making great progress on both of these projects.  I am almost done with the Pink Dress on the Beloved Rose Of Sharon Project.  Once I get the Pink Dress done than the rest of it will go pretty fast because it is a quilt and a treasure chest box.  I will be so glad when I get this Pink Dress done.  Its hard to read a colored chart and it is in Pinks.  You can't hardly see the Chart Symbols.  

Happy Mother's Day to each and everyone of you!

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

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