Tuesday, April 10, 2018

National Library Week

Dear Friends

   National Library Week is this week - April 9th - 14th.  Please go and support your local Library if you haven't already.  Just think how much money our Libraries saves us when we use the Library to get our books and we don't have to buy all of those books that we have and are reading from the Library. 

   I for myself love love going to the Library - I Patronize two Libraries...one in my small town and another one about 10 minutes away from me in another small town.  I love them both.  The Librarians are super fantastic and they are working really hard to keep the Libraries going in the small towns where I live at and close by. I love walking into a Library and seeing all of the New Books that they get in each and every week. 

My town is getting a new Library being built and the Building itself is almost finished...I am so excited....I can't wait til June when they open up the New Library.  I will be able to walk to the New Library once it opens up.  I am never ever going to leave from the New Library...LOL...

I hope that each and everyone of you will thank the Librarians in your own Local Library for all of their hard work that they do each and every day that they are open and Patronize your local Library as well.  The Patrons of the Libraries are the ones that keeps the Libraries going.  If it wasn't for us Readers who loves to Read they may not be a Library.  Now you noticed I said "MAY". 

I check out Physical Copies of Books - mostly Hard Back Books - from March - November or December...depending on the weather.  Than I will read my own Books that I have here at home from December through the later part of February - sometimes March...depending on the weather.  I do not go to the Library during the Winter Months.  Although I could if I wanted to cause it is not that far from my house. 

I just finished reading "Open Season" by C. J. Box - This is Book #1 in his Joe Pickett Series.  I dearly love love this Book.  The Series is so very good.  I highly Recommend this Series and this Author and the Books! 

Now I am reading "M is for Malice" by Sue Grafton.  This is Book #13 in her Alphabet Mystery Series.  Its hard for me to finish reading this Series because she is no longer living.  I am struggling to finish this Series but I will finish this Series out all the way to the very last one that she wrote which was Y.  She didn't get to publish Z for Zero before she passed away.  It breaks my heart that she passed away so suddenly like.  Her daughter won't even finish the last book in Memory of Her Mom.  I wish she would but she won't and the Series will never be complete. 

Please go and support your local Library if you have one. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup 


  1. We have a small library locally that is very well used and a bigger in the city if you need a bigger book browse
    Happy reading

  2. I am a member of our local "Friends of the Library" group. I love our little library and even if they don't carry a particular book; they can order if from anywhere. I prefer to check out physical copies too.