Monday, February 26, 2018

Amish Mystery Series

Dear Friends

   A friend of mine was telling me about a Amish Mystery Series based on the real town of Sugar Creek Ohio.  There are 25 Books in this Series and they are written by different Authors.  These are from Guidepost Website.  You can buy them if your Library does not have them.  You cannot hardly get these from Amazon. 

Here are the Books in Order

#1.  Blessing In Disguise by Nancy Mehl

#2.  Where Hope Dwells by Elizabeth Ludwig

#3.  The Buggy Before The Horse by Tricia Goyer

#4.  A Season Of Secrets by Elizabeth Adams

#5.  O Little Town Of Sugar Creek by Amy Lillard

#6.  Off The Beaten Path by Annalisa Daughety

#7.  Peace Like A River by Olivia Newport

#8.  Simply Vanished by Nancy Mehl

#9.  A Stitch In Time by Elizabeth Ludwig

#10.  Mason Jar Mayhem by Tricia Goyer & Cara Putman

#11.  When There's A Will by Elizabeth Adams

#12.  Shoo, Fly, Shoo by Amy Lillard

#13.  Earthly Treasures by Annalisa Daughety

#14.  No Time For Trouble by Olivia Newport

#15  All Buzz At The Honey Bee by Nancy Mehl

#16.  Home Sweet Sugarcreek by Elizabeth Ludwig

#17.  Blessed Are The Cheese Makers by Tricia Goyer

#18.  Stranger Things Have Happened by Amy Lillard

#19.  In A Jam by Elizabeth Adams

#20.  A Play On Words by Emily Thomas

#21  Digging Up Doubts by Olivia Newport

#22  Horse Sense and Sensibility by Nancy Mehl

#23  A Tempting Taste Of Mystery by Elizabeth Ludwig

#24.  To Have and To Hold by Tricia Goyer & Cara Putman

#25  In The Fullness Of Time by:

                  Elizabeth Adams
                  Elizabeth Ludwig
                  Nancy Mehl
                   Tricia Goyer
                  Cara Putman

I love Guidepost and I love Amish Stories.  They are the best.  My Local Library has all 25 books in this Series which I am so very thankful that they have these books. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

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