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ASIT - A Stitch In Time Progress

Re-Start on A Stitch In Time - ASIT - HAED Pattern - Artist is Aimee Stewart - Designer is Michele Sayetta - Friday August 11, 2017

Re-Start on ASIT

A Stitch In Time 


Artist is Aimee Stewart

Designer is Michele Sayetta

28 Count White Lugana

2 x 2 Full Cross Stitch

I have decided to Change out the Fabric and Stitch this on 28 Count White Lugana instead of 25 Count White Lugana 1 x 1 Full Cross Stitch.  

I love using the Loop Method and I love using the Waste Knot Method as well.  On 25 Count 1 x 1 Full Cross Stitch you can't use the Loop Method and the Waste Knot Method - well not all of the threads are stitched over due to being only one single strand so that is why I changed out the Fabric from 25 to 28 Count.  

I went to my LNS two days in a row - I have spent my wad now - The First Time I went I got new Fabric for my New Start and the threads and Q Snaps plus a new pair of Scissors which I dearly love.  
The Second day that I went - the day after I went the first time - well I wanted to get my new Fabric for ASIT.  The Width alone is 60 inches Wide and the Length is like 45 or 47 inches in Length.  Thank Goodness my LNS had the 28 Count White Lugana in the size that I needed so the owner of my LNS waited on me and she cut my fabric for me.  I think I went on Thursday of this week the second time and the first time I went on Wednesday of this week.  Two days in a can't beat that.  

After I got home I got everything together for my Re-Start and marked my left hand corner of my fabric and I have started on ASIT.  I have the first 10 x 10 block done.  

I have my Three Projects now that I will continue to work on until they are finished and they are:

Daisy Offerings - HAED - Sandra Kuck is the Artist - Michele Sayetta is the Designer

Beloved Rose Of Sharon - Paula Vaughan is the Designer - Leisure Arts

ASIT - A Stitch In Time - HAED - Artist is Aimee Stewart - Designer is Michele Sayetta

These are the ones that I will be working on from now on until Finish.

HAED is having a Sale right now and I bought one pattern called Artic Window.  It is a really neat pattern.  It just happen to jump into my Cart.  What can I say...LOL...Haha!  A Stitcher cannot have enough patterns right?  Right!  

Last Saturday Night I went to my 40th High School Class Reunion and I had a Blast.  We all had a really good time and it was so good to see my Classmates.  The Food was made by one of my Classmates who is a Chef.  The Building that we had our Reunion at did not cost us anything because it is owned and run by one of my Classmates and her husband.  Its a joke now between me and my Classmates cause I don't drink so they started calling my Pepsi - Pepsi On The Rocks!  A Glass of Ice with Pepsi in it.  It was hilarious last Saturday Night.  I took a total of 55 Pictures.  One of my Classmates is going to make a 40th High School Class Reunion Book.  We all sent her all of the pictures that we each had.  We also had a Class Group Photo taken too which was really neat.  We haven't changed a bit hardly at all in these 40 years.  I hope that we have another Class Reunion next year because I want to go next year to my Class Reunion.  I had such a Blast last Saturday Night.  

We have been having Hot Humid Weather again and now its finally cooling down again which I am so very Thankful for.  My Allergies are really bad right now - I am allergic to every single kind of Weed so Spring through the first frost is hectic for me.  I have been sneezing like crazy lately.  

This weekend I will spend time looking and reading at all of your Blogs.  I just haven't had the time lately to hardly do anything.  

Last Sunday and Monday I could not hardly move due to my Fractures in my Back.  I was dancing last Saturday Night at my High School Class Reunion and I paid for that for two days in a row after that so I spent alot of time with Mr. Heating Pad and taking Ibuprofen and my Back finally quit hurting.  There is nothing that they can do for my Fractures in my Back.  My Fractures are in my Spine Area going straight across all the way down from the top of my Spine to the bottom of my Spine.  I shouldn't say there is nothing that they can do for my Fractures - My Specialist that I see once a year - he doesn't want nobody touching my Back.  My Back is getting worse due to my Fractures in my Back so I am going to let him know this when I go in October to see him.  Something is going have to be done about my Fractures.  The Medicine that I am on is not helping any at all with my Fractures in my Back.  

Oh if you want to know how to protect your excess fabric while stitching - here is what I do:

At Walmart they have the two gallon size zip lock bags....Put your Excess Fabric in one of those 2 Gallon Size Zip Lock Bags - if you are using Q Snaps that is - and than just leave your top part of your Q Snap Frame out while you are stitching.  Than when you are done stitching for the time being than put the whole Q Snap Frame inside of your 2 Gallon Size Bag.   For my ASIT I got most of my Fabric and most of my Q Snap Frame in the 2 gallon size Bag.  I also took another 2 Gallon Size Bag and put the top part of my Q Snap Frame in that one so I am using a double bag for my ASIT Fabric and Q Snap Frame so it stays well protected at all times. 

That is all for now....

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K 

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