Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weather, Over Drive App, Library Books, Car Problems

Dear Friends

   From the Weather that we had yesterday - Rain, Snow, and Very High Winds we had a huge tree limb that came down in our front yard and it missed my car only by a few inches.  I am so glad that that was the only thing that came down from those high winds that we had yesterday.  We sure had a very crazy weather day yesterday.  It was just awful. 

My Books that I am reading - one is a Library E-Book and the other one is a Paperback Book.  The names of the Books are:

"Death Comes To The Village"  by Catherine Lloyd.  This is a Library E-Book.  I am reading this through the Over Drive App on my Kindle Tablet through my Library System.  This is a Mystery Book. 

"Brush With Death" by Karen MacInerny.  This is a Paperback Book and it is a Mystery Book.

Both of these Books are really good.  I love my Mysteries.  It is so great to have a Library that has the Over Drive App and be able to read their E-Books without going to the Library especially during the Winter Months.  I love my Over Drive App.  This also makes it really nice for a person who has weak wrists and hands and can't hold a very thick heavy book to read.  I just have to hold my Kindle Tablet or lay it on a table or lay it in my lap. 

Having the Over Drive App is a super fantastic App to have and to use through your Library System. 

My Library on their Website....through my account.....I can add different shelves and so I've added a shelf called "Future Books To Read" and as of yesterday I have 8 books on that shelf through my Library's Website.  My Library website also keeps track of the books that you have read and finished and the number of stars that you give each book as well for its rating.  I love it and I am so much enjoying this.  I love my Library.  Its not very big Library but I can get any book that I want and their website is super fantastic. 

It is only 30 Degrees outside so I am staying put today and spending the day in my Den Watching TV,  Reading,  Stitching,  and Crocheting.  I have to have a whole new Exhaust System put on my car so my car is going into the Car Hospital in the morning.  It does not pay to have things repaired.  It does not last long at all.  I will be without a car for a while. 

Have a Beautiful Day, Afternoon or Evening

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Thank you for your kind thoughts and message on my blog.I love to read too.

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful library - sometimes I think the smaller ones are the best. I know we have a great one here and it's not very big. I love to read mysteries as well, I'll have to look at the two you've mentioned.

  3. Love mysteries myself. Although in my early years, I mostly read romances and westerns. Now I have more mysteries! Go figure. Good luck with the car. I know how it is to ride the slippery slope of repairs.

  4. I was told about overdrive a couple of weeks ago, I really must have a looksee.