Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sleepy Weather, Books, Library, Car

Dear Friends

    We got a down pour all day yesterday, and last night.  It did not do nothing but rain the entire day and the entire evening.  Now they are calling for Snow or Rain or both today...geesh.  Mother Nature is going through her

   I got two books in the mail yesterday from Amazon.  I am collecting the Series called "The Land Of Stories" by Chris Colfer.  So far there are 4 Books that are out now and the 5th Book is coming out in July.  I have Pre-Ordered the 5th Book from Amazon.  These Books are so beautiful...they are just gorgeous.  Eventually I am going to read them. 

I got all of "The Land Of Stories" Series and I got all of "Pegasus" Series as well too by Kate O'Hearn.  I think that is the Author of the Pegasus Series.  I love Children's Books and Young Readers Books more than anything else.  Next to that is Mysteries.  I don't really care for YA Books too much.  I will read some of them but I am not a big fan of that Genre.  It depends on the Author and what the Book is about. 

I didn't do anything yesterday but my Chores and than I sat on the couch and read my two books all day yesterday and last night.  The weather that we had yesterday was terrible and it makes you so sleepy when it is pouring down rain all day and all night long like it did yesterday. 

My older brother took my car to another car shop closer to him and the guys at this other car shop was able to replace all new parts that needed to be replaced.  The only thing that was wrong with it was my Exhaust Pipe and the Hangers and that was it.  Everything else was okay.  This other guy and his crew put on a brand new Exhaust Pipe and all new Hangers for around $100.00 and I got my car fixed and I got my car back yesterday.  I am so glad that my car is fixed now and that I have my car back.  Yeah!  I do not like to be without my car because I am so Independent and I do not like to ask people to take me anywhere.  I love my lil car even though it is almost 14 years old.  It gets good Gas Mileage. 

I am half way done with my E Book from my Library and I am half way through with my Paperback book from my Library.  Both of them are Mysteries.  I got on my Library's Website last night and I put on there 130 some books on my Shelf For Later Reads.  These books will stay on that shelf until I take them off and read them through my Library.  I can get them as a Physical Copy book or some of them comes as a E Book.  Either way I will get to read these.  This way I can keep track of the ones that I want to read and I won't lose them by keeping them on my shelf.  As soon as this weather gets straightened out a little bit I am going to be making a trip to my favorite Library.

Thanks so very much for all of the comments.  I really appreciate them.

That is all for now....

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad 



  1. I loved being snuggled inside reading on a cold wet day so it sounds like a perfect time to me. Thank you for the book recommendations, I'm always looking for new books and authors and I agree children's books are often so so beautiful

  2. WOW 130 books to Read. I know I could probably come up with a list that long too. I can only read one book at a time. Reading is a wonderful hobby.

  3. you got a great deal on your car being fixed. perfect weather for reading

  4. Rainy weather is perfect reading weather, so I'm glad you made good use of it. Enjoy your new books.

  5. Rainy weather, a good book....perfect

  6. Pleased to read that your car has been fixed. 130 books on your 'to read' list sounds great. You should always be able to find something you'd like to read.