Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Welcome New Followers

Dear Friends

   I would like to welcome all of the New Followers of my Blog.  Thank you so very much for becoming followers of my Blog.  I now have 150 Followers...Yeah :)  That makes me real happy :)

It has rained all through the night last night and we are suppose to have heavy down pours today and tonight.  I am going to stay home today and tonight.  Most generally I go to Triple F at my church - Food, Faith, Fellowship but due to the icky weather that we will are having and still continuing to have throughout the day today and tonight I am staying put.  It is staying darker longer in the mornings now and its getting darker earlier now in the evenings.  I like to be home once it starts to get dark outside. 

Last night I decided to pull out my HAED Stitching Bag - Heaven And Earth Designs Stitching Project Bag - and stitch on my project which is Heaven And Earth Designs.  I am stitching on Daisy Offerings by Sandra Kuck.  I am on Page 4 out of 36 Pages.  Once I get the first three squares done at the top than its a piece of cake afterwards.  The first three squares at the top is nothing but all Confetti Stitching.  Heaven And Earth Designs have a website and here is their link:

I hope the link works for you okay. 

I am going to stay home today, drink my coffee, and stitch.  I stitch with my Left Hand so my Right Arm is not hardly being used at all and since this is my easier project to be stitching on I decided to stitch on this for a while. 

I went to the Library yesterday morning and I got my book that they was holding for me and two magazines which are called Discover.  I love reading Discover Magazines, anything that has to do with Science, Math, and Astronomy and History.  If I had a College that wasn't too far from me and easy to get to I would take a class or two on History and Science and probably Astronomy.  I did go to College but my College was a Tech College so they didn't offer those type of classes and I wish they did or I wish I would've went to a different college so I could take those classes along with my other classes for my Major.  There is a College about an hour away from me but its in the big city and I don't drive in the big city...that is the problem.  I did look up their class schedule for this coming summer and they are offering some really neat History Classes this summer that I would love to take.

Thanks for all of the beautiful comments and thanks to my new Followers for becoming Followers of my Blog.  Thank you so very much. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad  

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  1. It's always nice to have new folks come along and read what you write, I hope they leave you a comment or two.