Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Rainy Day

Dear Friends

  I would like to thank my new follower(s) of my Blog....Thank you so very much for becoming a Follower of my Blog.  The More the Merrier :)

I have a dear close friend who is having Surgery this morning - in fact - as I am writing this she is probably still in surgery.  Please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers.  She is like a Mother to me and she has been taking me under her wings since 1989 and we are really close to one another.  We go places together and do things all of the time.  She takes me to my doctor's appts and all of that.  I am considered as her second daughter and she is considered as my Mother.  That is how close we are to each other. 

I am going to my local Library this morning and I will be returning 2 Books and 5 Magazines.  I will also be picking one up that they are holding for me as well too.  My current book that I am reading is called "The Ghosts Of Mercy Manor" by Betty Ren Wright.  This is from my local library.  I got this from the Young Readers Section of the Children's Library.  After I get this book finished than I will go back to reading my M. C. Beaton Books which are the Agatha Raisin Mystery Books. 

I made my Appt with my Orthopedic Surgeon - well my new Orthopedic Surgeon - in the same Medical Building as all of my other ones are at so he can check out my Right Arm and my Right Elbow.  The main problem is my Elbow.  I go on Monday, Nov. 3rd.  I have a dear close friend that will be taking me.  More than likely I will be having surgery.  I tried to get a MRI Scheduled before next Monday but I can't get it scheduled this soon enough.  I will have to wait. 

We are going to be getting Rain from this Afternoon all thorugh tomorrow late afternoon/early evening.  Its going to be bad at times so once I get home from the Library this morning than I will be staying put until Thursday morning when I go pay a visit to my Family Doctor. 

Thanks everyone for all of your beautiful comments...

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Linda, I hope you get some relief for your arm!

  2. Best wishes for your friend.
    Hope the news is good at your appointment too.