Friday, October 30, 2015

Beautiful Fall Morning

Dear Friends

    I went and got my Flu Shot yesterday - with all of my health problems I have to get one once a year and I get a Pneumonia Shot once every five years. 

   I went to my local Library yesterday morning and I got my two books that they was holding for me and I also got two Magazines.  I love reading Discover Magazines,  Scientific American Magazines, American History Magazines.  My Library has all of these and I am so glad of that.  They have tons of other Magazines too but these are my all time favorite ones. 

I did finish my Library Book yesterday afternoon called "The Ghosts of Mercy Manor" by Betty Wen Wright.  This was so good.  Now I am reading "Agatha Raisin And The Wellspring of Death" by M. C. Beaton.  I will probably have this one done over the weekend.  Than I will have three more books to read from the Library that is still on my End Table in my Living Room.  I keep all of my Library Books and Magazines all on my End Table in my Living Room.  I keep the Receipts in a Pen Holder that is on my End Table.  When I am done with a Library Book or a Library Magazine I check mark off that particular book or magazine on the Receipt and this way I know that I am done with that book or magazine and that I have taken it back to the Library either that same day or the very next day.  This is my own little Library System that I have - this way I know exactly where my Magazines and Books are at that I get from the Library,  its easier for me to keep track of when the Library Items are due back and when I take them back to the Library.  After I am completely done with a Library Receipt than I shred it up. 

I have a few errands to do today but once I get home from getting everything done than I will come home, put my feet up and read my Library Book and my Library Magazines.  I am planning to stay home all day tomorrow and just read.  Just maybe I will get all of my Library Books read by Monday. 

We are suppose to have a really nice day today - up in the 50's today...Yeah!  No Rain at all today and I am so glad. 

Have a Beautiful Day

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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