Saturday, October 31, 2015

Another Rainy Day

Dear Friends

    It is Early Morning in my Time Zone and I would like to say Good Morning to Everyone even though it may not be morning in your Time Zone.  I am sitting here enjoying my nice hot cup of coffee and just relaxing.  My Cat is dead sound asleep in his own bed.  He had his Breakfast already this morning - Mr. Tuna. 

   I had a very busy day yesterday.  I went to my church and did my volunteer work - put inserts in the bulletins and put them on the cart.  Than I went downstairs to the worship center and took care of the Pens and the Envelopes for Sunday Morning and get the Pew Chair Pockets looking neat and organized for Sunday Morning.  I do this every other Friday.  Eventually my church will get a brand new regular Sanctuary. 

When I got done at my church I went to the bank.  Than I went to Burger King to have my lunch.  We have a TV at Burger King so I like to go there, have my lunch, watch TV, read my book and eat.  I like to read for a while after I am done eating my lunch.  It is so relaxing to go to Burger King because it is so much more spread out and not so crowded and we have TV to watch and we can stay there as long as we want.  It is so nice and big and that is what I love about Burger King besides the TV.  There is also the Daily Newspaper laying around somewhere too so you can always read the Daily Newspaper.  If I had the money I would just go there every day and eat my lunch because I dearly love this place.  It is so much better than McDonalds. 

After I got done at Burger King I stopped at the Gas Station which is near where I live at and filled my gas tank up so I don't run out of gas.

 I went to my local Library yesterday.  I returned one book and I got two more books to read and here is what I got from my local library:

Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea by Nancy Atherton
Agony Of The Leaves by Laura Childs

Yep I just couldn't help myself - I would rather go to the Library every day and get my Books than to buy them.  Now I will buy certain books - Classics,  Nancy Drew Books,  Hardy Boys,  and some Children - Young Reader Books.  Not the Young Adult Books - there is a difference between the two of those.  The Young Reader Books are like the Clean Mystery Stories like Nancy Drews, Hardy Boys...those type of Books.  The Young Adult Books are mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy type books.  Now I will read some Science Fiction and some Fantasy Books but it all depends on what it is about.  I mostly read mysteries. 

One of my other favorite authors is Lee Child but his books are so thick as well as David Baldacci Books and they are hard for me to hold in my hands so I am going to get their books for my Kindle Tablet as well as James Patterson's books.  Patricia Cornwell Books are very thick and heavy too and I will have them on my Kindle Fire too.  I dearly love these authors but when it comes to holding their books in my hands I just can't do it.  I could get them as Audio Books too but it is not the same as actually reading them.  I love reading books. 

Than I went to Walmart and I got a few things.  Than I came back home and stayed put.  As soon as I got home yesterday afternoon I did my laundry and got that done for this week.  By the time I got everything done I was exhausted and very sleepy.  I did read some in my Library Book though before I went to bed. 

Probably sometime today I will post a picture of Daisy Offerings which is a HAED Pattern and it is by Sandra Kuck.  HAED stands for Heaven And Earth Designs.  I dearly love their patterns.  They are so beautiful. 

The weather is going to be icky today and we are celebrating Halloweeen and it is going to be pouring down rain today and tonight.  That is not good for the little ghosts and goblins who are out trick or treating. 

I am going to spend the day reading I think cause I am almost done with another Library Book.  I am reading "Agatha Raisin and the WellSpring of Death" by M.C. Beaton.  This is really good. 

Have a Safe Happy Halloween for those of us who are celebrating Halloween today...

Thanks for all of the beautiful comments...they mean so much to me. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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  1. Instill love reading Enid Blyton books and am happy as so do my girls. Have a great day :)