Monday, November 2, 2015

Added More Blogs to my List

Dear Friends

     Yesterday morning - Sunday Nov 1st - I went to Church and to Sunday School.  I went to the first worship service and than to Sunday School.  We celebrated All Saints Sunday and had Communion.  I lit a small candle and took a carnation in memory of a Saint.  It was a very special morning for my church yesterday morning and a very sad one but yet a happy one.  It was a very beautiful morning and day. 

I didn't do much after I got home from church yesterday...I was too tired to do much of anything and my Elbow/Arm was hurting pretty bad yesterday and last night.  I went to McDonalds last night, sat in my car on the Pay Window side of the parking lot, ate my food, and watch the traffic go by.  My favorite meal at McDonalds is the Quarter Pounder Meal.  They raised the prices on this and probably everything else if the truth be known.  My Quarter Pounder Meal cost $6.09 and before it cost $5.87.  I don't mind paying the $5.87 but when it comes to paying $6.09 that is a little bit too much.  They are getting just as bad as Burger King and Wendy's and Hardees cause their prices are up there too.  Geesh.  Pretty soon it will be cheaper to just stay home and eat.  I love to go out to eat on Fridays at noon but its getting to the point that I can't hardly afford it every week since I am on a limited income. 

This morning I am going to my Orthopedic Surgeon's Medical Bldg to see my Orthopedic Surgeon for my Arm and Elbow.  I hope that he can fiqure out what is wrong but that is kinda hard to do without a MRI.  Its not broke I do know that.  I have had this problem three times before and like I said I can't have anymore cortisone shots.  My Specialist that I have specifically for my bone disease does not want me to have anymore shots.  I will probably end up having to have surgery done on it. 

I have added more Blogs to my list of Favorite Stitchers which is on the right side of my Blog and here are their links: - Emma's Bloglet - Cherry Heart Blog - the Fairy Stitcher - Daisy Days BOM - Quilting - A Passion for Applique - Down Grapvine Lane - Messy Jesse - My Little Corner of Cyberspace

If you already don't have these Blogs than please add them to your list.  I just love looking at these Blogs and they are all beautiful stitchers - Quilting, Cross Stitching, Embroidery as well. 

Hope that you all had a very nice beautiful weekend.  Thank you all so very much for all of your beautiful comments. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Good Morning Linda! I hope your pain is less today. I am praying for you.

  2. thanks for adding me to your bloglist ♥