Friday, October 31, 2014

Progress on Rocky Mountain Christmas, The Weather, Welcome My New Followers

100_9220 - Rocky Mountain Christmas - Designer - Marty Bell - 10-31-2014

More Progress on Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell.  The Mansion is completely finished including the Back Stitching.  Now I just need to finish the trees and the bottom half of this and than this project will be completely finished. 

You can see my goofy child - Mr. Railroad - he is such a camera hog at times...LOL...

It is rainy out today and we are suppose to get snow showers tonight too...what a night for Trick Or Treat.  Poor Kids....I went to Walmart yesterday and my next door neighbor went with me and I bought two bags of my favorite candy.  I got a bag of Almond Joys and a bag of York Mint Patties.  My favorite is Mounds Candy Bars. 

I will be spending the day stitching on Rocky Mountain Christmas.  I am also going to be making Pumpkin Muffins this afternoon. 

Everyone have a Happy Halloween for those of us who are celebrating here in the U. S. A. 

I went to welcome my new followers...thank you so much for following my Blog.  The More the Merrier...

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad