Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Welcome to my New Follower

Dear Friends

 I would like to thank my newest Follower - Cinza...I hope that I got your name spelled right - to my Blog.  I now have 122 Followers...YEAH! 

 I did change the background to my Blog.  I have tried several free templates and I can't do anything with my advanced settings of my Blog due to the stupid Error Codes that I get and each Error Code is different...they are not the same.  I am going to leave my Blog as it is for right now.  I wish Blogger would get their stupid Error Codes off of the Advanced Settings cause I am not the only one that is having trouble with my Advanced Settings on my Blog under Custom.  Geesh.  Also too everytime I have posted something to my Blog the spacing has been way off so I have to go in there and delete the breaks in the HTML Box...I think Blogger or Blog is all messed up and its not on my end...its on their end. 

 I would love to have real pretty background like I had yesterday - a real pretty fallish red one - and everything in my side bar was way off and I couldn't go in and change it due to the stupid error codes so I decided to just not use it.
We got rain yesterday morning and I mean rain..Than on Halloween Night we are suppose to have some very light snow so we will see..YIKES! 

I am almost done reading "Trace" by Patricia Cornwell.  I am on Chapter 40 and there are 58 Chapters in this book.  I love reading this book.

That is all for now...

Have a Blessed Day
God Bless You
Love &Prayers Linda K, Railroad

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  1. I haven't received the error code, but I always have a problem with the spacing in my blog posts. Hope you get it figured out.