Monday, November 25, 2013

Railroad, Autumn Splendor WIP, Winter Village WIP

100_8983 - Railroad - 11-23-2013
Mr. Railroad
Sitting on His Throne in HIS Bedroom...His Throne is the Box that he just loves to chew on whenever he gets the chance.  You would think he was starved to death but believe me he isn't starved to death. 

Railroad - 11-24-2013
Mr. Railroad
Look who is Hoggin My Lap...this was taken last night....I was stitching on my project and before I knew it he jumped right up onto my lap and plopped right down.

100_8985 - Autumn Splendor - Designer - Stoney Creek - Progress 11-25-2013
Autumn Splendor
Designer - Stoney Creek
Close up of the House, the shed, and the Barn
Progress 11-25-2013
I am slowly stitching this...I finally got the Buildings all done now...Here is a close up of the Buildings...I have another tree to do yet next to the end of the Barn but that is okay.  I will get that done too.  I will be stitching the leaves above the Buildings. 


100_8987 - Autumn Splendor - Designer - Stoney Creek - Progress 11-25-2013
Here is the whole section that I finished up as of this morning - 11-25-2013.  Now onto the leaves.


100_8989 - Winter Village - Designer Linda Bird - Progress 11-25-2013
Winter Village
Designer - Stoney Creek
Progress - 11-25-2013
I am slowly getting this one done....The left top side is done where the two houses are at plus some trees.  I stitched this over the weekend. 
Thanks for looking everyone....
God Bless You
Love * Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Railroad is adorable!!. i enjoy seeing your projects coming to life. they both look gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful progress. I love the Winter Village. Is it in one of their magazines or is it a chart.


  3. Love seeing pics of Railroad. Great progress pics too.

  4. Your stitching is fabulous! Sophie curls up on my lap just like Mr. Railroad is doing there on yours : )