Thursday, November 21, 2013

Autumn Splendor Progress, Other News

100_8970 - Autumn Splendor - Designer - Stoney Creek - Progress 11-21-2013
Autumn Splendor
Designer - Stoney Creek
Material - 14 Count White Aida - Charles Craft
DMC Threads 2 over 1
Progress 11-21-2013
I am concentrating on this one more now - I would like to get this one done as soon as I can...I have sold this one and that is why I want to get it done.  The Buildings are almost done...the barns, the house and than the leaves at the top to do...than the leaves goes right on over to the right side of the deer...than I will just have the white picket fence to do, the fence post, a Foe, and some grass area.  I love stitching this one. 
The weather has been just awful all day today....It is cold outside and very rainy out....I have been home all day today...I have been in my jammies all day today...sometimes I just like to have a Stitchy, Reading Jammie kinda day. 
After I get this project done than I have another project to do for somebody that request a Mickey Mouse Pattern so I will be doing that one next.  Hopefully I can find some time to work on my own projects.  I would like to get RMC done sometime after the first of the year.  That is also a Christmas Present to somebody but it isn't going to be done in time for Christmas this year...that is for sure. 
Yesterday I went into the Big City with a friend of mine....we ended up going to McDonalds to get our Breakfast...than we went to Hydes Used Book Store.  I bought two more Nancy Drew Mysteries Books.  I now have 1 - 7.  I am so happy about this.  I am trying to buy them in Used Book Stores or Goodwill Stores.  I am getting the original ones too...the hard back ones.  My Local Library does not even have them in the Children's/Young Adult Library Section...I can't imagine a Library not having the Nancy Drew Books or the Hardy Boys Books.  I love both of these.  While I was in the Book Store yesterday I noticed that they had the Happy Hollisters Series...oh my gosh....I love this series...I can't remember who the Author is of this series but I love them.  They didn't have all of them but I would say probably about 20 of them out of the Series. 
I will be stitching on Autumn Splendor the rest of this afternoon and evening. 
I want to welcome my new followers...welcome to my Blog and I am so very thankful that you have found my Blog. 
Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad 

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