Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Had My Surgery

 Hi Everyone

      I had my Surgery on Monday, Feb 12th.  Had a Torn Rotator Cuff Repair done - Had part of my bone shaved off and I also had part of my Collar Bone taken off due to Arthritis in my AC Joint which is on top of your shoulder.  The Surgery in itself went just fine and it was two hours long.  When I got in the Recovery Room I started to have breathing problems.  They kept me in the Recovery Room for two hours instead of only an hour.  I went home that Monday Night.  My one Pastor was a former nurse so she was already at my house when we got there.  She stayed with me until she knew that I was okay staying by myself.  My Entire Neck and Shoulder areas was covered up with Bandages and Tape.  My Orthopedic Surgeon cut me in 5 different places on the left side.  

I started doing therapy three days after I had my Surgery.  Everyone that knows me in person was amazed at how fast I have been recovering from my Surgery.  My Orthopedic Surgeon is surprised on how well I am using my arm and so is my one Therapist.  

I have been stitching but very slowly.  My arm -shoulder still hurts yet so I can only stitch a little bit at a time.  As of yesterday Monday, March 25, 2024 I got rid of my Sling.  I don't have to wear my sling anymore.  I can also drive now too which is so amazing.  

This is why I have not been on here - the first week was rough after I had my Surgery.  I did not do nothing but rest - sleep - take pain pills.  That was basically it.  

Please keep me in your prayers.  I am still in Therapy and I have a long ways to go yet.  It will take up to a year to be completely healed up.  

Thank you

God Bless You

Love & Prayers

Linda K, Buttercup 

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