Saturday, January 23, 2021

Sad News

 Hi everyone

This month has been a Roller Coaster for me and for my family.  

This month alone I have lost three dear close friends - two of them due to COVID.  One of my dear close friends is my Sister In Law's Mother.  She was buried on Thursday.  Private Family Graveside Service.  I am not sure what my other friend died from.  

Yesterday morning I lost my last living Uncle on my Mom's side.  He had a Massive Stroke and yesterday he passed away.  

My Pastor and his wife lost their one son due to Carbon Monoxide Poison from a Heater in his Van.  They just got back from Colorado last Sunday Night.  

With all of this going on just in recent weeks and so close together it is hard to do anything else.  

I have done very little stitching.  

If I seem to be real quiet you know why.  Right now I am just taking one day at a time and trying to fiqure things out. 

Please keep me and my family and friends family in your Prayers and Thoughts.

Thank You

Linda K, Buttercup

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