Saturday, November 16, 2019

I am having Heart Problems

Dear Friends

   Sorry I have not been on here for a while but its been a whirlwind for me the last couple of months. 

Back in October I went on my DeColores Weekend in another state.  It is a Renewal Faith Weekend type event.  There were 17 of us ladies altogether that came from all over the United States.  I went with my Pastor's Wife and another lady from my church.  My Pastor and his wife Sponsor me.  This has really made a difference in my life and I am still overwhelm by all of the love that was given to me and shown during my DeColores Weekend.  DeColores means many colors.  Everything took place at a church.  We slept in the Sunday School Classrooms.  They fed us really well.  It was just a awesome weekend. 

Tonight is our get together of the DeColores Community so me and my Pastor and maybe another lady from our church may go to this tonight.  It is a big event tonight. 

I have not stitch a whole lot - it causes me to have Severe Muscle Spasms in my left shoulder blade area and I have gone to P.T. twice now this year within a 4 month time frame.  I only stitch maybe once a week for a half hour or so and that is it.  The Same way with Crocheting too.  I love to Crochet but it too causes me to have Severe Muscle Spasms.  I have not been in pain now for about two months.  Thank goodness for that. 

I have heart problems - the Heart Specialist that I have now is keeping a closer eye out on my Heart Problem.  I loved my other Heart Doctor that I had before but he was not thorough enough for what I have.  I have what is called Right Abundant Branch Block which means that the Electricity does not go past the right side of my heart.  Well you know - the Electric Signal that goes through your body.  Mine stops at the right side of my heart.  The only symptom that I know of is if the left side of my Heart becomes block is passing out. Than I would have to have a Pace Maker put in.  This coming Monday Morning I go in for my Second Heart Test.  I don't mind the test itself but what I am concern about is the outcome of the Results.  That is what concerns me.  Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts.  Thank You. 

My area has been really really cold - very icy out - but it is starting to warm up now and the Ice and the Slush and the Snow has started to melt.  Yeah for that. 

Well I think that is about it for me.....

God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup


  1. Hi Linda, my name is Lynda Ruth and I had to have a pacemaker put in my chest because the sinus node in my heart dose not work properly and it only beats 25 beats per minute. I was having shoulder surgery and I flat lined on the table. I had to get a pacemaker and now I feel so much better. I hope you feel better soon. If you want to talk you can email me at I will be thinking of you. Big hugs

  2. Oh Linda , I am so sorry to hear about your heart problems .
    I hope you get better soon , sending hugs and kisses .

  3. Linda: You have been added to my daily prayers.
    I wish you luck with the tests.


  4. Sorry to hear your heart problem seems to be getting worse Linda. Glad you found a new doctor that is closely monitoring it for you. Hope you get that spasms under control, I get them in my back and they can be terrible!

    Be careful in that cold weather and that stinking ice!

  5. My goodness Linda.....You don't need these medical issues for sure. I'm going to keep you in prayer my dear friend. Love you lots. LindaLee

  6. Sorry to hear of your health problems Linda. I'll be praying for you. I've had to stop stitching too for awhile because of tennis elbow and it's rough! It sounds like the Decolores Weekend was a good one. We all need companionship. Hope your 2nd test is what you want it to be:)