Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Three Small Elementary School Children gets killed

Dear Friends

A very horrific tragedy happened yesterday morning one hour away from where I live.  Three small Elementary School Children from one family was walking to their Bus to get on their Bus and they were killed instantly by a 24 year old female driver of a Pick Up Truck.  It was a set of twin boys and their sister all from the same family.  A 4th Child was air lifted to a hospital three hours away and he is from a different family.  He suffered multiple broken bones. 

My whole State was just in shock and nobody had any words for this tragedy.  One family lost all three of their children by a idiot driver who did not obey the Bus Signals.  The Bus Driver even blew his horn - she did not stop at all - just kept right on going right through the Stop Arm of the Bus when it was out.  The Bus Driver did everything right...he had the Stop Arm out - he had his red lights flashing - he blew his horn - he did everything but yet this idiot driver did not stop.  This idiot driver is in the County Jail.  She is facing three Homicide Charges plus disregarding the Bus Signals.  I hope she gets the Death Penalty as much as I hate to say that.  She does not deserve to live. 

We are all praying for the two families - all of the Bus Drivers - The School District that this happen in - and all of the Police Officers that had to go to this tragic horror Scene.  The Father of the three children that were killed had to Identify his own children to the Police. 

I just can't fathom what these Parents are going through right now.  It is a very sad tragedy and none of us is ever going to forget this as long as we live.  Even the Police said that they have never ever had to deal with something as horrific as this was. 

One Family who lost all three of their Children who won't be celebrating Halloween or any other special Holidays of Events.  This family will never ever be the same ever again.  They lost their children due to wreckless driving and not obeying the Bus Signals. 

How can anybody do this I will never know and neither will anyone else. 

Please keep these families - the school district - all of the Police Officers - Paramedics - Med Flight - the doctors who is trying to save this little boy's life.  He may never walk again. 

Thank you for your Prayers and Thoughts

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

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  1. So sad. Victorias creative crafts just did a video about bus safety, she is a bus driver.