Saturday, July 28, 2018

Good Morning

Good Morning my Dear Friends

Where I live at - it is Morning and it is 6:21 a.m. in the morning that I am writing this.  I am drinking my Coffee and doing my brother's laundry for him. 

Today is my Uncle's 90th Birthday Party but I am not going.  I don't know where he lives at and I do not want to make the wrong turn and my two brother's won't take me.  In fact my one brother is not going and he does not have no Legit reason not to go.  He just doesn't want to so I am staying home today.  Neither one of my brothers can give me a Legit Reason why they won't pick me up. 

I have not felt good for the last several months.  I think I got Bronchitis again and I do not like my doctor that I have.  I asked her to give me a Physical the last time I went and it was written on my Chart.  She didn't do nothing but sit and talk to me and it cost me $70.00 out of my own pocket to go to my doctor and just sit and talk...did not check my lungs, heart, or nothing. I am on the Verge of finding me a new Doctor to go to.  I am going to give my Doctor one more try and see what happens...if she does not help me or give me what I need...than I will brush her off right out the door.  I am not real happy with me having to pay $70.00 just to sit and talk. 

I am reading "Night School" by Lee Child.  I love his Jack Reacher Series.  It is so good. 

I have not done much stitching lately due to not feeling good and coughing all of the time.  I either sleep or I read when I don't feel good. 

Not much else is going on. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Buttercup

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  1. Sorry to read of your troubles Linda, sending you a hug x