Sunday, December 31, 2017

Have A Safe New Years Eve

Dear Friends

It is really extremely cold out where I live at.  The Outside Temp as I am writing this is only 4 above Zero F.  At Night it gets down into the single digits like -2 to -4 Degrees F.  Now that is cold.  Starting Tonight through Tuesday afternoon the outside temp is going to be a -25 to -35 Windchill and that is during the day time hours and at night as well until Tuesday afternoon. 

I went to Dollar General early this afternoon and I got everything that I needed.  Dollar General has ran out of Milk and other Refrigerated Items and they don't have hardly any bread left.  Thank Goodness I was able to get what I needed and what I wanted like Chocolate Ice Cream.  What can I say. 

I have been Stitching on Beloved Rose Of Sharon and I finally got the Drawers done on the Sewing Cabinet.  I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post a progress picture of this. 

I had a really nice Christmas - and a really Nice Birthday.  I got money for Christmas and a Bath Set from Bath and Body Works.  Than for my Birthday I got taken out for a Steak Dinner.  My older brother and his wife took me to Ponderosa and I got my Steak Dinner.  Oh it was so good.  I also got a Fleece Sweater Jacket too for my Birthday. 

My other brother got me a Gift Card from Amazon so I spent most of it and I bought Books and one Music CD with the Gift Card.  I still got money left over yet to spend. 

I hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas.  I am spending the rest of this day at home - I am not going out - today is New Years Eve here in the United States.  It is too cold out and we are suppose to get 3 to 5 inches more of snow today too and tonight.  We will see. 

That is all for now....

Have A Safe New Years Eve

Happy New Year

God Bless

Love & Prayers

Linda K, Buttercup


  1. Happy New Year to you and Buttercup, Linda. Stay safe indoors x

  2. Those are similar temperatures to what we have too! I feel like our furnace never shuts off lately. We are not going out today on New Year's Day, not like anything is open anyway! And outside chores (take down Christmas lights) can wait for a bit more warmth!

    Happy New Year to you~ :D