Monday, January 23, 2017

New HAED Start - A Stitch In Time - ASIT

A Stitch In Time - HAED - Artist is Aimee Stewart - Designer is Michele Sayetta - Sunday Jan 22, 2017

A Stitch In Time - ASIT

Artist is Aimee Stewart
Designer is Michele Sayetta

25 Count White Lugana 
1 x 1 Full Cross Stitch

This is my new HAED Start and it is full of Confetti Stitching.  I am taking my time with this one as well.  I am not going to start on anymore HAED's until I get one of them done.  I now have 4 of them as my WIP's.  I am hoping that I can get Daisy Offerings done this year.  I should be able to if I keep working on it.  

Have a Beautiful Week

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad, Jeannie


  1. Nice start. Ugh, confetti stitching. Your other HAED WIPs look good though. I have a HAED and I should man up and start the thing! One of these years..

  2. I have alwyas admired HAED stitchers .well done with having a new starta1

  3. That is a beautiful pattern, well done with your start.

  4. Your HAED pieces look amazing!

  5. I love this one and look forward to seeing your progress Linda!

  6. This is a lovely design. I have it in my 'to do' stash.