Monday, May 23, 2016

Daisy Offerings Progress

20160523_168 - Daisy Offerings - HAED - Designer - Michele Sayetta - Artist - Sandra Kuck - 5-23-2016

Daisy Offerings
Artist - Sandra Kuck
Designer - Michele Sayetta
18 Count 2 x 1 Full Cross Stitch

I have been slowly making progress on this one.  I am on Pages 4 & 5 out of 36 Pages.  I have three more 10 x 10 Blocks to do yet before I am finished with Row #5.  Than I will be able to start on Row #6.  

My computer decided to upgrade by itself to Windows 10 while I was sleeping the other night so the next morning I called my Computer Expert Brother of mine.  He came and picked up my computer and he operated on my computer.  It took him two days to re-confiqure my Computer System so I can have Windows 10.  It was my choice.  I did have Windows 7 but I chose to have Windows 10 and I like it so much better.  I pretty much got everything fiqured out.  

I have started another project called Silver Moon Tea by Nora Corbett-Mirabilia Designs.  I will show a picture of this one on Friday.  I am stitching this on 28 Count Isolde Lugana.  The Fabric is Hand Dyed by Stepahnie.  I dearly love this material.  It is so very soft.  

The weather here is just gorgeous...I am so much enjoying this weather.  It was in the 70's yesterday and than today its going to be in the 80's.  I have been spending alot of time on the Front Porch either Reading or Stitching and I have all of the Windows open too.  

That is all for now....

Talk to you all later....

Thanks for all of the beautiful comments 

Bye for now....Have a Beautiful Week

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad 


  1. Beautiful stitching Linda. I do love seeing this one. I'm looking forward to seeing your new start too!

  2. Terrific progress. I'm really enjoying watching this one grow.

  3. Nice to read that you are now able to do some stitching.