Friday, January 29, 2016

WIP Photo - Daisy Offerings, Other News

100_9389 - Daisy Offerings - Artist is Sandra Kuck.  The Designer is Michele Sayetta
Daisy Offerings
HAED Pattern
Artist - Sandra Kuck
Designer - Michele Sayetta
18 Count Charles Craft Material
DMC Threads 2 x 1 Full Cross Stitch
My progress on Daisy Offerings.  I am now stitching Pages Four and Five at the same time.  When I get these two pages done than I will go onto Page Seven and this page will go underneath of what
I already got stitched.  Page Six is blank.  I love how this is turning out. 
My Gum Area is still sore yet from when I went to my Favorite Dentist.  I have been taking it easy since Wednesday.  Yesterday was a "ME DAY".  I had a day to myself and I did what I felt like doing at the moment.  I am going to have another "ME DAY" again today. 
Its snowy, icy, and cold out today so I am not going anywhere today.  Last night I had my comfort food which was boiled buttered potatoes and fried onions.  Oh it was so very good.  I may have that again tonight too.  Who knows.  Or I may order Pizza from Pizza Hut.  I am not sure yet. 
Thanks for looking and for all of the comments on my posts.  I really appreciate them so very much.  Thanks for taking the time out to read my Blog. 
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad 


  1. Daisy Offerings is really coming along! I like the sound of your Me days. Everyone needs a Me Day every now and again!

  2. Good progress. 'Me days' sound a good idea, especially when you've been to the dentist.