Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Parents WIP Progress Picture

100_9381 - Parents - Copyrighted by Me - Wed 1-6-2016
My Best Friend's Parents
Copyrighted by Me! 
Progress 1-6-2016
I am making progress on this project - I am dearly loving this project.  I love how  this is  turning out.  I have started to stitch a face.  The photo is not very good due to the lighting.  You can tell that the Face is being developed.  This is my mid week progress. 
The weather has been really cold the last few days.  It has been down to 16 above zero at night or lower than that and in the day time its been in the 20's.  Not very warm.  I've been staying in as much as possible the last few days due to the extreme cold weather that we have been having lately. 
I am staying put today - reading, and stitching.  I don't want to get out in this very cold weather.  It is only 19 above zero as I am writing this. 
Thanks for all of your comments on my posts...I appreciate them so very much. 
Hope that you are staying warm where you are at or Cool if you happen to be in hot climate weather. 
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad 


  1. This one is growing fast Linda - can't wait to see their faces! Looks like you did a great job of charting it.

  2. You've certainly moved on with this Linda, its looking lovely

  3. You are making great progress:)

  4. It's coming along great. A really nice project.

  5. Great progress on this piece - well done!