Friday, January 1, 2016

Parents WIP Picture, Happy New Year

100_9380 - Parents - Copyrighted by me - 12-31-2015
Copyrighted by Me
Stitching this on 14 Count Aida
Threads - DMC
I am stitching my Best Friend's Parents for her.  I just love how this is turning out and the colors are so very pretty.  The Dark Section toward the top is her Mother's Hair.  The Cream color is her Dad's Coat/Blazer  The Dark Section of the bottom right corner is the Shadow between her Mom and Dad's arm.  The Blue Section is part of her Mother's Dress. 
Me and Railroad had a very nice quiet New Years Eve - we had our Chips and Dip and Pop.  Its our annual tradition to have our favorite snacks.  We went to bed last night around 9 p.m.  We just could not stay up any longer. 
I have been reading more in my book which is called Ship Of Magic" by Robin Hobb.  I got the other two books in the series which is called "The Liveship Traders Triology".  I am almost done with the Ship Of Magic.  This is Book #1 in the Trilogy.  They are really thick books but they are really good though. 
The other day I got a Movie from Netflix and I watched "Planes".  That is such a really cute movie to watch.  I dearly love this movie.  I can't go to the Theatres due to my bad leg and ankle due to the ramp without no railing so I just order them from Netflix.  I love my Netflix. 
Hope that you all had a very nice safe New Years Eve and that you all have a very Healthy Stitchy New Year!  I am planning on getting lots of Stitching Done and lots of Reading done in the New Year. 
I am planning on staying home today, stitching and reading.  I just want a very nice quiet day today and spend it with my child..  We are going to be watching the Parade as well too! 
Happy New Year
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad 


  1. Happy New Year to you Linda! Hope you have a very happy and healthy 2016. Love the photo of your stitching assistant!

  2. Your Parents WIP is coming along great.
    Happy New Year to you, may it be full of health and creativity.

  3. Happy New Year to you. This design is stitching up quite quickly.

  4. Happy New Year Linda, wishing you a year filled with happy and contented times doing what pleases you the most.

  5. Happy New Year! I love Netflix too :)

  6. That's going to look lovely! Do you have a Firestick? Netflix is a great thing!

  7. Happy New Year to you and your family ,Linda !!!!!!!