Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another Book Haul

Dear Friends

I decided to give another Online Book Store a try to see if I like them or not.  Their prices are cheaper and you do get coupons when you order from them. The place is called Book Outlet.  There is actually two things I don't like about Book Outlet:

1.  They take a Black Sharpie Marker and put a black Mark on the very bottom of your Book.  Why they do that I don't have no idea.  Some are saying because it is a warehouse type place...well excuse me but Amazon is a warehouse place and they don't do that to their books.

2.  You cannot just get any books you want from the.  They only have mostly Science Fiction Books and they do have children's type books and some Contemporary Books.

I do not like my books marked up at all...I am very particular with my books.  I do not like the corners turn down to use as a book mark spot, do not want nothing on them at all and etc.  I have been taught to respect your books and to take care of them at all times.  I like to keep my books and I do not want no marks on them or anything at all.

The Books that I got from Book Outlet are:

1.  Sword Mountain

2.  Aunt Dimity and the Duke

3. A Brush with Death

4. Deadweather and Sunrise

5. Everblaze - Keeper of the Lost Cities, Book #3

6.  Green Gravy - Cul-De-Sac Kids - Book #14

7.  Cat O'Nine Tails (A Cat Royal Adventure)

I don't have the Authors names in front of me right now.  Just the list of the books that I got last week.

I am currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  I am half way done with this book. I love this book.

From now on I am just going to buy my books from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  I can get my books with no marks on them from either one of these places.  I love Barnes and Nobles.

Oh yeah I was there last week and I bought two more books.  Here are the books that I bought:

1.  Ship Of Magic by Robin Hobb

2.  The Diva Takes the Cake by Krista Davis.

I think I am done now with buying books for a while...but maybe not.

God Bless You
Love and Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. I am the same way - I don't like my books marked or damaged in any way. I don't even like the spine to be cracked on paperback books. Thanks for the review of the store!

  2. Why would anyone deface a brand new book?? very sad. Happy reading.