Friday, March 13, 2015

A Little Bit Of Everything

Dear Friends

   I have been in Pain a lot lately due to a Knee Problem.  My doctor is out of town until the 16th of this month which is Monday.  I have been taking Tylenol and using the Yellow Tube of Ben Gay since this is for Pain only.

I sleep when I am not in pain.  My sleeping pattern is sort of out of whack right now.  I do have a doctor's Appt on Thursday for my Knee.  I want to get a MRI done on my knee to find out why it is hurting.

I have been going places and doing things to keep my mind off of my Knee Problem. I hope and pray that I don't have to have surgery on my Knee.  It's the right Knee and that is the leg that I broke in 5 different places in 2010 and has a real long plate and 20 screws in my Leg.

Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts.

I have been going over to the Senior Center.  It is a place for Senior Citizens that they can call of their own.  They have a full meal every day and the cost is $3.00 per meal. It is the lunch meal.  They have all sorts of activities going on including line dancing for the Seniors.  They also have Chair Massages, Facials, Hair Cuts, Waxing, all of that just for Seniors.  I am old enough that I can participate in the activities and go there to have the lunch.This is where I go now to get my hair cut.  It cost me $9.00 to get my hair cut and that is it. I dearly love this place and it's not too far from where I live at either.  They also have Transportation Services and the price for this is pretty cheap too.

After I am up and get things situated I sit down in the mornings and read my Devotions and my Bible.

The Prayer for today which is taken from The American Bible Society is:

Lord God, listen to my words and hear my sighs. Lead me to do your will, make your way plain for me to follow. Guard my lips this day from speaking evil. I trust in your love, O Lord, which protects me like a shield. Amen!

I want to welcome my new Follower Egita Z for following my Blog.  Thank you so very much.  I am now up to 137 followers.  Thank you all so very much for following my Blog.

The weather is starting to be nice now.  We are getting rain this afternoon.  The Snow is almost gone.  Hooray for that.

My Friend Arlinda passed away this week.  They had a small funeral dinner just for the Family where I live at so the Grandmother could be part of the Family and the dinner.  I was part of this as well.  I got to help with the funeral dinner and plus I know the Family really well.  Yesterday was the Family Funeral Dinner and it was a bittersweet day for me.  The funeral is Monday and than they are going to have another Funeral Dinner for everyone. I am not going to the funeral due to my Knee.
I am going to the Senior Center on Monday for their Lunch.  I am taking my Walker and using it on Monday.  My Knee doesn't hurt nearly as bad if I use my Walker.

God Bless You
Love and Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend Linda. I hope you get some answers for your kneexx

  2. Sorry you have lost a much loved friend. Sounds like your senior centre is full of love and laughter.

  3. I hope that you have now been able to see your doctor and that your pain has lessen. Sorry to read about the loss of your friend. Your seniors centre sounds like fun.