Friday, January 2, 2015

WIP's Progress For This Week

Dear Friends
    I thought I would show you my WIP's and their latest progress on them.  I would like to wish all of you a Very Happy New Year and I hope that you all had a Good New Years Eve and that you all was safe and did not drink and drive. 
    I stayed home on New Years Eve and had a very relaxing nice quiet evening along with my child - Mr. Railroad.  I had my New Years Eve Snack which was Potato Chips, Dip, and a glass of Pepsi. 
Here are my WIP's for this week....Thanks for looking...enjoy....
100_9248 - Autumn Splendor - Stoney Creek - 1-1-2015
Autumn Splendor by Stoney Creek.  I am stitching on the bottom around the Deer.  This section is almost finished.  I just have a little bit more of the Green/Gray area to stitch around the Deer and than it will be finished.  Than I can start stitching on the Doe.  I love stitching this.  This is so pretty. 

100_9250 - Advice From A Caterpillar - Michele Sayetta - 1-1-2015
Advice From A Caterpillar - HAED - Michele Sayetta.  I am stitching this on 25 Count Cream Lugana 1 x 1 Full Cross Stitch.  This is my new start for the new year.  I am really going to enjoy stitching this one and seeing this one come to life.   
100_9249 - Rocky Mountain Christmas - Marty Bell - 1-1-2015
Rocky Mountain Christmas - Marty Bell.  I am still stitching on Rows 2 & 3 of Page 6.  This is going real slow due to all of the Confetti Stitching that there is in this.  I love seeing this one come to life as I take each stitch. 
Thanks for looking...enjoy...
Happy New Year
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Happy New Year, Linda! Love all your progress so far.

  2. Happy New Year, Linda. You have made good progress in your projects.

  3. They are coming along lovely,

  4. Autumn splendour is stunning.

  5. Great progress on your WIPs.
    Have a happy and healthy New Year!

  6. All wonderful projects, happy new year x

  7. Your stitching always amazes me Linda. Beautiful work and you get so much done! I pray for this coming year, that God will bless you in so many ways. Lots of good things to happen. Good health and good friends. You stay safe and warm and well. Don't forget to "feel the colors".