Monday, January 5, 2015

Different Photos

Me - Linda K - Photo taken Sun Jan 4, 2015
This is me all covered up with my Nice Warm Cozy Fleece Blanket...I was so cold yesterday (Sun the 4th) that I covered up with my Fleece Blanket.  I think I will stay like this until May...LOL....


100_9251 - Cucumber Slices in Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, and Chili Pepper - 1-3-2015
This is a Cucumber Salad as I call consist of Lemon Juice, Olive Oil,  Sugar, Vinegar.  It originally called for just Lemon Juice & Olive Oil but I ended up adding the Sugar and the Vinegar mixture to it and it tastes really good.  I love eating this.  I eat this for my supper every night.  I will be making a  Chicken Salad this week sometime as well. 

100_9252 - Part Of my Book Collection - 1-5-2015
This is part of my Book Collection that I have.  The Gold wide book clear down at the very bottom of this is a Special Collection Of Peanuts.  I got it from Barnes and Nobles long time ago.  I love to read and I love collecting Books as well.  I watch several Book Tube Videos through You Tube and they are really good.  I love these Videos.  Different Readers make a video of their book shelves,  of their book hauls, and all sort of videos that has to do with Books.  If you love to read check out Book Tube Videos...just type in book tube in the search box and several of these videos will be listed and you just pick out which one you want to watch.  I now have 25 Subscriptions (Followers) of Readers who posts videos about their books, what they have read, and what they have bought. 
I ordered a book called "Cinder" which is Book #1 in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.  If you love to read Sci Fi/Fantasty type books than this is the series to get.  There are three books to this series and I will be getting book #1 on Friday...Oh I can't wait.  I am dying to read this series.  I learn about this series from one of my subscriptions on Book Tube Video.  I will be getting it on Friday of this week.....Oh I can't wait...I want that in my hands and start reading it.  Its a Hardback Book. 
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God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Lovely to see you Linda even if you're half hidden under that lovely warm blanket! Hope spring comes to you soon.

  2. Linda, I am so happy to have found your lovely stitching blog. I am completely inspired by both of your projects for this year. I am definitely going to have to put Autumn Splendor on my to do list. I have never stitched one of these Stitch All Over pieces, the confetti sounds challenging. Might I ask how large the Rocky Mt. piece is. I have my blue fabric waiting for my pattern to arrive, and I hope I have cut a large enough piece. I have cut 27x23. Thanks so much for sharing! Elizabeth

  3. A funny pic, gave me a giggle!

  4. I used to watch Booktube videos all the time! I had to stop watching them because I kept buying too many books, LOL.

  5. Hello Linda

    That fleece does look warm!
    The salad looks delicious.
    I love books too but don't have enough space to store them so I read from my Kindle.
    Happy New Year x

  6. Wonderful collection of books!!
    An Anne McCaffery fan myself!