Monday, December 8, 2014

Progress on A Mothers Kiss A Fathers Touch

A Mothers Kiss A Fathers Touch - HAED - Schim Schimmel - 12-8-2014
A Mothers Kiss A Fathers Touch - HAED - Schim Schimmel.  I am stitching this on 25 Count White Lugana 1 x 1 Full Cross Stitch.  Railroad help me stitch this so please ignore his stitching hairs...LOL...Geesh.  I have three more 10 x 10 blocks to do and than I will have the first three rows done on Page 2.  Than I will go back and finish up with Page One. 
I enjoy stitching on this and I think what I'm going have to start doing is stitching this at my Kitchen  Table so Railroad does not help me stitch this.  It is so hard to stitch black when you have a 4 - legged child that just loves to snuggle up against you when you are trying to stitch.  Geesh.  My Lazy Boy Chair is more comfortable than my Computer Desk Chair or my Kitchen Table chair.  I could sit at my computer desk and work on it.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. 
I am going to be stitching on Rocky Mountain Christmas, Autumn Splendor, and A Mothers Kiss A Fathers Touch throughout the day today. 
Weather wise - we are getting Freezing Rain/Sleet/than normal Rain today.  Its a good day to stay in and stitch. 
Have a Beautiful Day or a Beautiful Night
Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad 


  1. Hello Linda

    Naughty Railroad! I have one just like him, she waits until I put my stitching down and then sits on it!
    Lovely preogress on your HAED x

  2. Sounds like railroad is full of fun at the minute, perhaps it's all the excitement if Christmas!

  3. Beautiful progress :-) Yes, I know all about naughty kitties who like to share their fur with your stitching!

  4. Your stitching is beautiful, you're making great progress!
    My kitty likes to snuggle with me when I stitch. It's a pain, but I love her so much I don't mind! Sounds like Railroad really loves you:)