Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Cat - Railroad - set my Emergency Alarm off last night

Dear Friends

   Last night (Friday 12-5) as I was going to the restroom Railroad my cat came into the bathroom and somehow my Emergency Alarm Switch Cord got off the top of the tank of the toilet and was hanging down.  I shooed Railroad away but it was too late cause without me realizing it he already pulled the Alarm Cord and my Alarm went off.  Geesh.  There is two things that these Emergency Alarms does when they go off:

1.  The Alarm will go directly to the County Police and they will send out the Fire Trucks, The Local Police,  The Ambulance automatically to your Apt which is a good thing cause you never know what is going to happen.  They have a code to get inside the Apt Bldg as well. 

2.  Whenever the Alarm goes off there is a light outside your Apt Door that will come on and start flashing and the Alarm will sound throughout the whole Apt Bldg as well. 

Everybody has a  Ceiling Fan in their bathrooms and they are really loud too.  Well when the Alarm went off you can't hear anything due to the Ceiling Fan running while you are in there and there is no way you can shut these Fans off.  They turn on automatically when you turn the light on and they shut off when you turn the light off.  The Emergency Alarm switch is right above my toilet.  We also have one in our bedroom.  Railroad  cannot get to the one in my bedroom because that is where I have my Sewing Table at and its full on purpose so he can't jump up and grab that cord. 

My one neighbor across the hall from me came in and check on me to make sure that I was okay when my Alarm went off.  I did get my Alarm switch turn off and than I called the Police to let them know that everything was okay and that it was my Cat who plead Guilty last night. 

Mr. Railroad got arrested by the County Police last night and was put in Kitty Kat Jail over night due to dis-obeying the rules.  Just leave it to my child - geesh.  I have lived where I live at now almost two years and this is the very first time that he has ever done that.  He just wanted to cause a little excitement on a Friday Night just what the County Sheriff needed of all nights...geesh.  Their busy enough on the weekends...

My bathroom door is staying shut now because he will go in there and start playing with that cord.  I had it laying on top of my tank lid with a towel over it so he wouldn't get to it but somehow the real long cord fell off the tank lid and was hanging down.  I was so dang mad at him last night for doing that.  Its kinda funny though and I do have to laugh at what he did. 

I got word this morning that one of our dear sweet elderly ladies has passed away as of last night that lived in my Apt Bldg.  She crochet, she knitted, she tatted, she made jewelry.  She was so Craft talented.  She was suffering for a very long time with her breathing and now she is at Rest and is not suffering anymore.  All of us is going to miss her greatly that knew her in our Apt Bldg.  Its going to be a sad week for her family and the days to come.  Please keep Bea's family in your prayers and thoughts.  May you R. I. P. my dear friend Bea.  You are not suffering anymore and you are in a much better place now.  I will see you up in Heaven!  God Bless Bea and her family.

I will be stitching on Rocky Mountain Christmas and also on Autumn Splendor as well. 

I have been watching "My Little Pony" and another one that I can't think of right now on my computer through Netflix.  They never ever had those type of shows for children when I was at that age so now I am watching them through Netflix on my computer.  I have all of My Little Pony Episodes and Seasons watch now. 

I am still reading "Murder In The Mystery Suite" by Ellery Adams on my Amazon Kindle App through my Cell phone. 

Paperback - I am reading "Order Of War" by L. E. Modesitt Jr.  I love this author.  I am on Section 2 now of the book.  Its a great big thick book. 

Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts this week.  One week from Monday I go to my Orthopedic Surgeon and I so want my foot to be completely healed up.  I am so ready to walk on it. 

Thanks for all of your comments....I really appreciate them so very much. 

Have a Beautiful Day
Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Cats! Gotta love them :-) I have three scoundrels who are always causing mischief. I'm sorry to hear about your friend; may her family have peace. We watch My Little Pony on Netflix, too; it's very entertaining.

  2. Oh dear, naughty Railroad! At least you know the alarm works.
    You and your foot will be in my thoughts, hope things go well for you x

  3. Oh Railroad...causing trouble! Hopefully he learned his lesson and won't pull the cord again! :)

    Sorry to hear about your neighbor.