Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ordered A Kindle Fire HD 7 Tablet

Dear Friends

I have been playing with my Toys that I got from my brother and his wife since they were here on Sunday.  My Computer Expert Brother did more stuff to my Computer on Monday - he was spying on my computer..shame on him...through his computer at his house.....LOL.....Everything is done now on my computer thanks to my brother.  I hope that he lives forever cause he is the only one in my family that knows computers inside and out.  I do somewhat but not like he does.  He is so smart and he is constantly reading up on computers and all of that.  I wish I had his knowledge about computers like he has. 

With my new Cell Phone I have a App called Amazon Kindle and I ordered my very first E-Book through Amazon for my Kindle.  The name of the book that I got is called "Murder In The Mystery Suite" by Ellery Adams.  It is a Cozy Mystery.  I have been reading this on my cell phone and I love it.

I than decided to order me the Kindle Fire HD 7 Tablet from Amazon.  I ordered it yesterday morning.  Its my Christmas and Birthday Present to myself.  Due to Black Friday Amazon will have them back in stock on Dec 26th and than I will get mine somewhere between Jan 2 and Jan 5th.  I am so very excited about this.  I can't wait til I get mine.  I also ordered a Stylus and a Screen Protector.  Later on I will order the Stand Case for it - Maybe.  I would rather wait than pay the higher price later on.  I wish I could get it sooner but I can't.  I like to get my stuff like this from Amazon cause its cheaper.  I guess Best Buy has them too for the same amount but one of my friends said that it took 2 weeks to  get it.  With Amazon it will only take about 2 or 3 days to get mine once it has been shipped.   Once I get my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 Tablet than I will be ordering more Kindle Books and I want to get a couple of magazines as well. 

I never ever dream that I would go to Reading Technology cause I am a die hard hold book in hand while reading type person but its getting to the point that its getting harder for me to do that due to my wrists and I love thick books as long as I can take my time with them and hold them in my hands - that is why it takes me so long to read a thick book cause I can't hold that book in my hands for hours upon hours.  This way with my Kindle Tablet I can read a thick book right on my Tablet and not have to hold a thick book.  I still love my books in paper don't get me wrong.  If I had a big house and had a huge room just for my own Library I would still buy books in paper backs and put them on my shelves.  I have three book cases now full of books.  My problem is that I like to keep certain books and I don't want to get rid of them.  I will still go to my local library from Spring through the end of November to get my books cause I still love going to my local library.  I love the Big Library in the Big City even more so but I don't know how to get there cause I'm not use to driving in the big city by myself.  Its only about an hour away from where I live and believe me if I knew how to get there that is the Library that I would be going to starting in the Spring.  The maintenance man's wife and their oldest daughter goes into the bigger city to the big huge Library about every two to three weeks and they get their books from that library and they live further away from it than what I do.  Sometimes I have a notion to ride along with her but I think she smokes but I'm not sure.  I can't be around cigarette smoke due to my lungs and other health problems.  My lungs are not in the best shape. 

Once I get my Kindle Fire HD 7 Tablet I will be doing everything on there just about instead of using my computer.  I can only sit for so long at my computer desk due to using a Kitchen Chair which is not the most comfortable chair to be using at a computer desk.  I am hoping that maybe sometime this year if I get around to it I will be able to buy a really nice computer desk that is the width of my card table and has shelves on it and so forth.  That is what I need.  I am going to try to talk my brother into getting me one next year for my Christmas and my Birthday Present.  I told him and my SIL is going have to come down every year during Thanksgiving and bring presents for me. 

I have always wanted to get either a Tablet or a Lap Top and I really can't afford a Lap Top right now so I decided to get a Kindle Fire HD 7 Tablet.  YES!  In the mean time I will use my computer and my cell phone.  Once I get my Tablet I will just use my Cell phone for making calls and that will be about it.  But if the Internet goes out than I will still have access to my Internet on my Cell Phone. 

I have 10 more days to go yet before I go back to my Orthopedic Surgeon and I am so hoping that my foot is completely healed up by than so I can start walking on it.  I am so ready to walk on my foot.  I want to get out and about.  I have not gone anywhere for the last 4 weeks. 

I am still stitching on Autumn Splendor every day....I got more done on it yesterday.  I will be posting pictures this weekend here on my Blog and on Face Book.

Have a very wonderful day or evening.....

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Oooh you'll love your Kindle Linda, once you receive it.
    I had mine last Christmas and am so so pleased with it.
    Instant access to all my email addresses, catching up blog post on it, shopping on Amazon is also way too easy... it's all there at the end of your fingertip :)
    Love reading my books too of course :D I'm more into chick lick style. Absolutely adore the Shopholic collection from Sophie Kinsella!!

  2. Technology is amazing. So much to choose from.

  3. Hi Linda - wow I hope you really enjoy your new gadgets, although it certainly seems you won't be totally abandoning real books any time soon!
    Just be patient with your foot.... I'm sure your being careful!

  4. Your brother sounds like a real blessings :-) I'm not tech savvy at all and rely on my husband a lot. Ooh, a new Kindle Fire! That's exciting. I'm sure you'll love it. I have a Kindle Keyboard. I'm also a die hard "real" book fan but love the space saving of the Kindle. I'm also addicted to the free books from Amazon; if something looks interesting, I download it. If I don't like it, I delete it. No harm done, no money lost. And I've mastered reading on my Kindle while crocheting simple patterns, something I can't do with a real book. I do hope your foot feels better soon; it can be difficult to be stationary. Hang in there :-)

  5. Now that you're reading Kindle books, check out and your library may participate in ebook loans as well. Have fun and enjoy all the books!