Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thanks To All Of The Veterans - Happy Veterans Day

Dear Friends

    Today is a very special day for everyone here in the United States Of America....we are celebrating Veterans Day today. 

    I want to Thank all of the Veterans who has served in our Armed Services one way or the other.   They have Sacrificed everything in order to fight for our Freedom.  They have given up everything to be in our Armed Services: 

Air National Guard
Air Force

Thank you so much Veterans for serving our Country and for fighting in all of the Wars that has ever happened. 

    I want to thank my younger brother Forest,  My Dad Forest,  my brothers Tom, Kenny, & Larry for serving in the Army and in the Navy.  Thank you so very much.  For all of my Uncles and my Aunts on both sides of the family as well.  I had one Aunt who was a Nurse in the Army.  I had another Aunt who was in the Army and she was a Telegrapher Operator.  My Dad was in the Army and he was in WW 11. 

My one Aunt and Uncle is both buried at Arlington National Cemetary which to me is a High Honor.  They are buried right next to each other.  I have been there three different times but I haven't been there since they were buried there. 

I just can't say Thank you enough for sacrificing everything and serving our Country.

Thanks Vets

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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  1. Hello Linda

    A very special day here in England too.
    You have had so many of your family involved in support of your country and I think your post is lovely.
    We must never forget x