Friday, August 29, 2014

Deborah Faris Bryant passed away

Dear Friends

    I am sorry to tell you that Deborah Faris Bryant has passed away this morning.  (Friday Aug 29, 2014). She was a Prolific Stitcher and just about every Stitcher around the world knew her.  She was a very sweet caring loving person and she had 90 some projects that she was working on as a total.  Deborah had a heart attack when she was walking her dogs and she lost some Oxygen to her Brain and she went into a Coma.  She open up her eyes once and moved her arms a little bit and than that was it.  They took her off of all machines except for the Monitors and she was in a private room when she passed away.  Debbie and I stayed in contact through each other's Blogs and emails and Face Book.  In fact I just got an beautiful email from her two days before she had her bad heart attack.

The Stitcher World has lost one of the most beautiful stitchers and she was a very fast stitcher.  When I found this out I was crying for a while this afternoon.  Even though I never got to meet her personally but her and I were so close in our stitching world and she helped me a lot with some stitching supplies and all of that. 

She is going to be greatly missed by her family, by the Stitching World. 

Please pray for her family, the stitching world.  May you R. I. P. Debbie...God Bless You.  You are now up in Heaven Stitching away on all of your projects. 

God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. I'm speechless at hearing that. RIP Debbiexx

  2. You are the first person I thought of Linda, when I heard this tragic news. I noticed you and Debbie were closed friends.
    I am still shocked at how sudden things happened.
    Make every moments count.
    Big hugs to you sweetie xxx

  3. A lovely tribute to our friend. Rest in peace Debbie. She will be dearly missed.

  4. I was so shocked to read this - Debbie was so enthusiastic about life and her stitching - and so supportive of others who knew her through blogland. She will be missed but remember fondly by all who came into contact with her. Rest in Peace Debbie - and our thoughts are with her family.

  5. I was catching up on my Blog RSS feeds when I came across your post. I thought NO this can't be the same Debbie who encouraged me on my blog. But then I googled her name and my heart sank it was my on-line friend "SoCal Debbie". Rest in peace Deb.