Saturday, July 5, 2014

What A Beautiful Morning

Dear Friends

    Yesterday here in America we all celebrated the 4th of July - Fireworks, cookouts, families spending the day together enjoying themselves, and just enjoying life.  My City where I live at we had the Fireworks on the 3rd of July.  The reason why that is - is because this way families can have the 4th all to themselves and have their evening cookouts.  I do not go to the Park on the 3rd due to crowds cause I am afraid that I will get hurt physically due to my bone conditions that I have and so I try to stay away from large crowds of people.  I went in the lounge where I live at and was working a Jig Jaw Puzzle and from where I was at I could see the Higher Fireworks up in the Sky.  The ones that I saw were very pretty.  I just as soon watch them from a window than go to the park and fight the crowds.  I miss going to see the fireworks at the park but I would rather be safe than sorry.  I hope that us people that celebrated the 4th of July that you all had a very nice wonderful fantastic 4th and enjoyed your families and friends. 

For my 4th of July which was yesterday (Friday) my high school classmate that I have not seen over 38 years and I finally was able to get together and spend the afternoon together.  We went to El Dorado Mexican Restaurant and we ate Mexican Food.  Than right after that we went to the DQ and had Ice Cream.  I had the Mint Oreo Blizzard.  Boy was that sure good....LOL...We both decided that the next time we go to the DQ we are going to get our Mr. Misty Drinks - they are sure good.  I wish the DQ had Green River Drinks...I sure miss the Green River Drinks...they were so good.  You can't get them anymore. 

My hometown Drug Store had Mr. Misty's and they also had Green River Drinks.  The Drugstore with the old fashion fountain and the round counter top with the bar stools and the old fashion Malts, Milkshakes, Green Rivers, Mr. Misty's.  I sure miss Jacob's Drug Store...they even had food too and all of the employees were fantastic and they use to call me "Here Comes Trouble".  I finally found a T-Shirt that says that on the back and than on the front it has like Smurf with a orniery look to him...I still got that T-Shirt even though I can't wear it anymore and I will never ever get rid of it.  I use to wear that T-Shirt to death and all of the employees at Jacob's Drug Store got a great big kick out of it.  That is what I love about small towns...they are so down to earth, so understanding, so caring, so loving.  I don't live in my home town anymore because there is nothing there to do and that is why I moved to a bigger city which is one hour away from my small hometown.  Jacob's Drug Store is no longer there, the theatre burnt down long time ago.  Its the same as it was when I was little and growing up.  In my Big City though we have a whole lot more and we even have the old fashion Rootbeer Stand Drive In where they put the food on the trays and they bring it out to your car and sit the trays on your windows and you get the old fashion A&W Rootbeer in the Mug...oh that is so good.  I am so glad that we have that in my big city.  It is well known for their Hot Dogs and for their A&W Rootbeer in the Mugs!  You can even sit outside too on one of their picnic tables and eat your food and drink your rootbeer. 

It is a very beautiful morning - my windows are open, my patio door is open, the A/C is off, my kitty kat - Railroad is asleep on his Throne...haha!  He just got done eating Mr. Tuna so his belly is full and he is asleep now.  He tells me when he wants the Patio door open cause he gives me his kitty kat look like open this patio door so I can smell the fresh air and talk to all of my girlfriends...LOL.  The Birds are chirping away saying good morning to each other, the fresh air is coming through my Patio Screen Door.  I wish it would stay this way all year around but it doesn't.  I love my mornings cause I get to hear the Birdies talk to one another and the Fresh Air coming through my Patio Screen Door and the Sun is Shining. 

Have a very beautiful day today :)
God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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  1. A lovely post, hope you and railroad enjoyed your morning listening to the birds.