Saturday, July 12, 2014

Added Two More Bloggers to my List

Dear Friends

What a week I had this past week...geesh.....I went for my Second MRI on my Left Foot because the right side of my foot was hurting each time I walked and it felt like it was strained as well.  I got my MRI done this past Monday Morning very early.  The MRI Tech told me that my Foot Doctor should have the results no later than Tuesday Night.  I called on Wednesday Morning - No Results.  I called yesterday morning (Friday) No Results.  I told the Receptionist that to call at the hospital to find out why they have not received the results.  She did that.  About 10 minutes later I get a phone call from my Foot Doctor himself.  He finally got the results of my MRI on my Left Foot.  The Bone that is on the right side of your Foot - that bone itself is all swollen up and very inflamed!  Why - I don't know. 

My Foot Doctor did not tell me to wear my walking boot or to stay off of my foot or anything else.  So I took it upon myself to start wearing my walking boot again.  I have been wearing it since yesterday afternoon.  I have an Appt with my foot doctor on Wednesday Morning.  I have to get my Left Orthotic re-adjusted so I can start wearing my orthotics again and I am going to get some answers out of him as well about why my bone is all swollen up and inflamed. 

This is scary for me because of my double bone disease that I have.  If I move my foot the wrong way than that bone will break in fragile as my bones are it would not take much for that bone to break in two any minute, any second of the day.  I am living on the edge right now until that inflammation and that swelling gets out of my bone.  Wearing the Walking Boot helps quite a bit so that is a relief in itself.  My foot does not hurt when I am walking now as long as I wear my walking boot.  I am so very thankful for that. 

I have added two more Bloggers to my list that is in my Side Bar and they are:

Please add these to your list if you don't already have them.  They have very wonderful Blogs and I love reading their blogs. 

We are suppose to have stormy weather starting today through Tuesday and at times it is going to be very severe :(.  I don't have anywhere to go now until Wednesday Morning when I go see my Foot Doctor.  If it isn't raining out in the morning I am going to go to church.

I am going to upload a progress photo of Rocky Mountain Christmas sometime today so be on the lookout for my progress photo. 

The Book that I am reading is called "A Place Called Bliss" by Ruth Glover.  It is a Christian Fiction book.  I got this book from my local library through their Evergreen Library System :).  This book is really good :)   I am really enjoying reading this book :)

That is all for now...Thanks for all of the lovely comments on my Posts...Have a Beautiful Weekend  :)

God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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  1. Thank you sweet friend for mentioning my blog. I follow your sweet blog and plan on being here often.

    Enter my giveaway if you wish.

    Hope you feel all better soon. Blessings!