Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I Am Reading

Dear Friends I am reading a book which I got from the Library called "American S*I*S*T*E*R*S - 1775 - Adventure on the Wilderness Road" - by Laurie Lawlor. This book is really good. I love this book. I got this book from the Children's Library Section of my Library. There is a series of these and I plan on reading all of them. You be surprise what books you find in the Children's Library Section...they are not all picture books and those type of books - they got other books as well like this one. Sometimes I think the Children's Library Section has better books than the Adult Library Section does. I would never run out of books in the Children's Library Section to read. I love to read the Young Adult Books and the Children's Books more so than I do the Adult Books. I love my Adventure Stories and the only place that I have found those type of books is in the Children's Library Section of my Library. Happy Reading Linda K, Railroad

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  1. Happy Reading... an escape into the written word.