Monday, November 4, 2013

WIP's Photos - Grandfathers Barn, Rocky Mountain Christmas

100_8934 - Grandfathers Barn - Designer - TIAG - Marilyn Leavitt Imblum - 11-3-2013

Grandfathers Barn - TIAG - Marilyn Leavitt Imblum.  I am almost done with this right side of this and than this project will be completely finished.  I don't have that much more to do on this.  Since this photo was taken I have all of the White and all of the Green done.  Now I just have the Reds to finish up and than this will be completely finished.  Yeah :)

100_8935 - Rocky Mountain Christmas - Designer - Marty Bell - 11-3-2013

Rocky Mountain Christmas - Marty Bell.  I have finished another Column on Page One.  Since this photo has been taken I have started my next Column.  I only have one more Column to do for Page One and than Page One will be completely finished.  Page 2 is completely finished.  I will go on to Page 3.  Once Page 3 is finished than all of the top of Rocky Mountain Christmas will be completely finished.  I will only have the bottom sections to do which is 3 pages. 

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God Bless
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Both designs are stunning. You have made great progress.


  2. You are doing awesome on these.