Friday, October 25, 2013

Cinnamon Stressuel Muffins, Railroad, Grandfathers Barn

100_8927 - Cinnamon Struessel Muffins Made by Me - 10-22-2013

Here is a Muffin/Cupcake Pan full of Cinnamon Struessel Muffins that I made the other day.  I just dearly love these Muffins.  They are so very delicious.  They are all gone now.  Sorry Folks...what can I say.  I am so very sorry that I did not share these with you....LOL....I buy the Muffin Mix Box Version at Walmart.  This is the only thing that I make from the box.  I haven't found a Recipe yet for these where I can make these on my own. 

100_8928 - Railroad - 10-22-2013

Railroad my Kitty Kat cracks me up everytime when he has his one paw sticking straight out like a sore thumb...I should say like a sore Paw - he is so funny whenever he does this.  I don't know why he sticks his one paw out like this but he does.  Its like he is telling me that "I caught it with my one paw Ma".  I just love him to death.  He is my baby even though he isn't a baby anymore. 

100_8930 - Grandfathers Barn Progress - Designer - TIAG - Marilyn Leavitt Imblum - 10-25-2013

The Left side of Grandfathers Barn is completely finished...YEAH!  I am so very happy about this.  The Material is not white...I took this photo outside so I could get a better photo of this.  Now I will finish up the right side of the Barn and than this project will be completely finished....:)

I want to thank all of you for all of your compliments on my photos and on my Blog.  Thank you so very much. 

God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Linda those muffins look yummy, no wonder they are all gone!! :) Lovely progress on your wip

  2. The muffins look yummy. Way to go on Grandfather's Barn.

  3. Grandfather's Barn is looking good! Your cat is funny...we had a dog that always laid around with one of feet sticking straight up - we called him "compass foot". Pets do keep us amused don't they. Happy autumn!