Thursday, September 19, 2013

What I'm Reading, the weather, stitchy news, Triple F at my church

Dear Friends

    I started a new book this morning.  The name of the book that I am now reading is called "Murder At Union Station" by Margaret Truman.  Her chapters are real short, and so far I am enjoying this book.  This book actually came from the Library but I got it from the Wait and Read Containers in the lounge where I live at.  I read every morning.  I love to read. 

I read my novel after I do my studying for my Bible Study Class and after I read my Devotions for the day. 

The weather today is foggy, warm, rainy out.  We are suppose to have storms today and tonight through tomorrow.  That is okay. 

Today is the first day out of the whole week that I can just stay home and do my own thing.  I will be stitching on a couple of my projects today too. 

Yesterday morning I went over to my church, and I got my walk in.  I walked for a GOOD HOUR yesterday morning and that felt so good to me.  I love walking.  After I got done with my walk I went in the Sewing Room at my church, took my shoes off,  turn my music on through my Cell Phone, sat and stitched on Grandfathers Barn.  I was in 7th Heaven yesterday.  Gee maybe I ought to do that more often...LOL....I love going over to my church, sit in the sewing room, and stitch on my projects. 

Than last night was Triple F at my church - Food, Faith, & Fellowship.  For our Triple F Meal, we had Ham, Salad, Baked Macroni & Cheese, and of course Pies and all of that good stuff.  It was really good. 

Hope everyone have a very Blessed Day....

God Bless
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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