Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two more blogs I added, Red Gridding Lines Info

Good Afternoon My Stitching Friends

   I found two more Blogs to add to "My Stitching Friends" List and here are their links:

Please add these to your list of Blogging friends if you haven't already.  I really love these two blogs.  They are very inspiring to me. 


The Red Gridding Lines that you see on my two HAED Projects - that is called "Easy-Count Guideline".  It is red and it comes on a roll.  You can buy this from   I really love is so easy to see, it pulls out real easy although I take mine out as I am going along,  it will go in any size needle that you have.  I just dearly love this stuff.  I have another roll of this - a full one at that.  I use this stuff all of the time.  I even use it when I first start a project as well.  As far as I know the only place that I found where you can buy it from is 123stitch and this place will ship anywhere.

That is the link to 123stitch and hopefully that is the right link.  I love 123stitch...they will send your order out practically before you even get off the phone with them.  You will get your order in a day or two if it is in stock.  I have been ordering from them for a very long time and that is where I get the Easy-Count Guideline from.  They have other stitching supplies, patterns, needlepoint stuff, quilting stuff, scrapbook stuff.   You can call them up too and order it that way.  If you go to their website than the phone number is right there on their site as well. 

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad

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  1. Thanks for the following and adding me to your growing list of blogs!

    Happy Stitching!