Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blogs & Followers

Dear Stitchy Friends

    I now have 193 Blogs that I read every day.  I am almost at my 200 Mark.  I only have 68 Followers showing up under "Followers" on my Blog which is in my Side Bar.  I would love for all of you to be a follower of my Blog. 

If you are not a follower of my Blog already please add yourself to the "Followers".  The more the merrier... :).....

The weather here is just beautiful.....the air is on the cool side,  the sun is shining, and its a little bit on the windy side. 

I haven't had much chance of stitching lately cause my life is getting busier now.  Tuesday Morning Bible Study started last week so now I am back doing the Bible Study every Tuesday morning for a good hour.  We took the summer months off from Bible Study. 

Love & Prayers
God Bless You
Linda K, Railroad


  1. I'm still here following. I don't know if everyone that I follow, follows me but wanted you to know I am here :)

  2. I am faithfully reading and following your post. Don't always comment, but I'm here :)

  3. Same as Parsley & Teresa!!! Have a lovely day :)