Saturday, August 10, 2013

Added Pages to my Side Bar

Good Morning Everyone

   I have added my "Pages" to my Side Bar instead of up at the top.  I ran out of room up at the top.  I have added "2013 Finishes" to my Pages and I also added "My Favorite LNS".  This will grow as time goes on.  I just nicely got started adding different things to my Pages. 

I have found where you can buy the Bothy Cut Threads Kits on the Internet.  You can buy them from  These Kits are expensive but the one that I want to buy is the Windmill one.  I love Windmills and when I saw this I thought I just have to have it.  I will buy it sometime next month.  There is a SAL going on with the Bothy Cut Threads through one of my stitchy friends and I want to join in if it isn't too late.  I think these patterns are so cool looking. 

I have stitched two full long rows on Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell.  I have 5 more rows to go yet before Page One is completely finished.  Than I will go to Page 3.  Page 3 is the last page for the top section.  I will be stitching on Rocky Mountain Christmas today :).  I stitched most of the day and most of the evening last night on this. 

Everyone have a very wonderful weekend :)

Thanks so very much for all of your comments :)

God Bless You
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Hi ! Just recently found your blog....your stitching is so inspiration. Nice work !

  2. You can get the Cut Thru's from here if you would rather just get a chart.

    I've never ordered from them so can't vouch for them but if you have the threads already it will be a bit cheaper. :)

  3. Hi Linda,,

    thanks for sharing...and thank you for adding my blog!...have a wonderful Saturday!..


  4. Hi Linda. We would love for you to join our SAL. Debbie and I are co-hosting the SAL. We both have SAL pages on our blogs. If you go there, there are several links to shops that sell the kits. There are a couple webshops here in the states that still have a few charts available. Go check them out.


    my blog:

  5. Hi Linda, the Windmill kit at SewAndSo is 25.56 + 5.10 shipping to USA (UK Sterling) which is $47.61 (US dollars). The same kit at Across Town Stitching in UK is 19.50 + 1.50 shipping (UK Sterling) which is $32.61 (US dollars). You can save $15 on the kit! I have bought from Across Town Stitching several times before.