Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It is pouring down rain like cats and dog - geesh

Hi Everyone

   The sun was out this morning and it was nice and warm out...this afternoon it has started to pour down rain like crazy.  It is still pouring down rain as I am writing this. 

I had the wonderful privilege of  going out to lunch today with a dear close friend of mine.  We ate at the Dairy Queen and I had one of my favorite meals...Chicken Strip Basket...oh that is so good with the Gravy...oh yes. 

I have been stitching on Fish City by Stoney Creek all day today since early this morning.  I am still on Page 4 out of 18 Pages.  This does not start with Page 1 - it starts with Page 4. 

I have been reading some in my John Grisham book "The Testament".  I am on chapter 12.  This book is really good. 

I will be stitching on my easy pattern called "America" by Jeanette Crew Designs.  I am making good progress on the lettering of the word "America".  I love how this is coming out and I don't have the original picture to this one so I get to see it unfold as I am stitching this which is kinda exciting in a way. 

I am getting better and I feel so much better, my energy is starting to come back,  my appetite is starting to come back, but the only thing that I am still having trouble with is my throat.  I go back to my doctor on Thursday morning. 

Well that is all for now.....

God Bless You All
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. please send your rain my way..i need it sooooo bad!

  2. ahh..we are got in the rain also...I'm told we need it, perhaps..but would like to get into the garden, so a bit of sun..please..We lost our only dairy queen years ago..it was 20 miles away..but we didn't care..we'd drive all night for a dairy queen soft serve!