Saturday, April 13, 2013

I will be/am in the Red, White & Blue SAL on the 123stitch Message Board

Hi Everyone

  I have decided to join a SAL on the 123stitch Message Board.  It is Red, White & Blue SAL that I am/will be joining.  I have found a pattern booklet called "God Bless America" by Jeanette Crews.  I have found two patterns in that book that I want to stitch up.  I will probably end up stitching both of them.  I don't have too many Red, White & Blue Patterns in my Stash which is so unusual for me. 

I guess that will be a very good excuse to buy more Stash...LOL.... :) 

If you would like to be part of this SAL make sure that you are a member of the Message Board and than you can join in.  Here is their website if you would like to join their message board:

I love this site....we have a WIP Thread every Friday where we show our WIP's and also there is a Finishes Thread too where we show our Finishes.  This is a great site to belong to. 


The weather here is very cold, rainy, and it has Hailed this morning already.  Geesh.  This crazy weather.  We was suppose to get snow last night but we didn't get any though.  If we did it melted. 
We are suppose to have Rain all of next week with some Colder Temperatures. 


I stitched on both of my projects yesterday/last night.  I stitched on Daisy Offerings yesterday morning and last night I stitched on Winter Village.  Winter Village is going very slow due to all of the color changes and trying to finish up a Horse and Buggy.  Those are hard to stitch. 


Thank you for all of the Comments about my new Blog and I want to thank those who are now Followers of my New Blog.  Thanks so very much. 

God Bless You All
Love & Prayers
Linda K, Railroad


  1. Thanks for sending me the link to your new blog. Happy blogging!

  2. Hello Linda

    Thank you for your kind comment and for following me. I am following you now.
    Your wip is beautiful!
    It's cold and rainy here in the UK too!
    Bye for now.

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog! I signed up for the 123 Stitch message board, sounds like fun!